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Michigan State Spartans won’t make the College Football Playoff Title Game

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The College Football season just began, and people are thinking of what teams could be playing for the National Championship. You have your teams that are figured to be there like the Alabama Crimson Tide, Ohio State Buckeyes, and others. There is one team I feel who could also be in the running for a potential run at the National Championship and doesn’t get enough credit for it.

The Michigan State Spartans are currently 2-1 and are in second place in the Big Ten. They are ranked 17th in the AP Top 25 and 16th in the Coaches Poll. They have the weapons that they could quickly make a run for the National Championship, but their 30-6 loss to the Badgers last week put them in a tough spot. In the remainder weeks, the only have two games against teams in the top 10. On October 29, they play the Michigan Wolverines who are ranked 4th and on November 19th towards the end of the season; they play the number two Ohio State Buckeyes. If they want any remote shot to get into the college playoff bracket, they need to win at least one of those or both of those games. They also need to beat the teams not ranked like Maryland, BYU, and Northwestern.

If you put regarding how it happens in the NFL, the Spartans need to beat the teams on their schedule and hope to beat either Michigan or Ohio State. For as long as I can remember, the Spartans always seem to be the type of team that is so close to getting into that top tier College Football teams area with Alabama and Ohio State but fall short every year.

I just looked at their rankings as far as their offense and defense go. Over the next few weeks, before they play Michigan and Ohio State, you need to pick those rankings up. You won’t do well in college football and be ranked 86th in offense and 50th in defense. They have the pieces; I just feel they are not being used to their full potential. But if I were the Spartans, I would not worry about the Wolverines right now and worry about the Indiana Hoosiers, who are next on your schedule.

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