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While having a rough stretch early in the season the Milwaukee Bucks labeled Jason Kidd as the problem with the team. They fired him and immediately went to assistant Joe Prunty to become the interim head coach.

After that, the team spurts to a 10-3 run and an amazing feeling of optimism would ring through the city. Especially after they beat the Eastern Conference best Toronto Raptors in Toronto to come off the All-Star break. Since then it has been total chaos.

If you pay attention to my articles you’d know they lost a tough one after being walked down by the Pelicans. Managed to come close against the Wizards but could not seal the deal. Since then they have played two more games. In Detroit, to close out February with a non-competitive blowout loss. The losing streak would continue against the Pacers.

This four-game losing streak has fans asking questions, questions that Joe could have been on his way to answering after Toronto. Here go some…

1) Was Jason Kidd the problem?

2) Why do we have these ups and downs?

3) Why does management not do anything?

– From the very beginning I said no. Not that Jason was not a problem and not that he was some once in a lifetime coach. He just was not the biggest problem at the time and that still remains the case. There are multiple problems with this team.

– Youth is a problem. YOU NEED EXPERIENCE. I know to some this seems like an excuse, but Oklahoma City surprised everyone when they made it to the finals with all of the young guns they had. However, they would lose to Miami in short order, but they made it and was surprising. Besides this what teams with their bright star being 23 has made it even to a conference final. It’s going to take some times and fans just need to accept that and be patient.

– The management is a pretty big problem they have. It’s in my opinion that you need to as an organization have a detailed plan before you go about the business. You may need a point guard, but you need to ask yourself the following… what kind of point guard?

Who would mesh with Giannis? Three point shot? You need them to get to the basket? You definitely need to know what team you want to be before constructing your team and this all comes while surrounding your superstar.

These two are my main two problems. The reason I did not put any type of position need, or more specifically a center is because you need to know what kind of center you want before you go out and get one. All goes back to problem number two when you talk about needs for the team.

Moving forward, fans need to take a page out of Aaron Rodgers’ book of peace and, “R-E-L-A-X” this will definitely take time. Just at this point need to accept it and hope for better moving forward and hope necessary moves will be made for competitiveness.

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