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It is almost that time. Halloween is the kick off to the holiday season with the culmination being the Christmas holiday in December. Do you have trouble finding the perfect gift for your partner or loved one? If so, it is a common occurrence, and you are not alone.

Before we can get started on assisting you in finding a beautiful and thoughtful gift for your mate, you need to open up to the idea of how we look at offerings and why we choose the gifts that we do. Is there an underlying meaning?

Just as a Yellow Octopus means original thinking, maybe your skills at gift giving will show their purpose as well! Keep reading for the top five psychologic ideals of picking the perfect gift for your partner.

  1. Give a Gift that Your Partner Asked For

If your spouse or partner has asked for an item specifically for Christmas, why are you hesitant in purchasing the gift? Is it because you did not think of it and therefore, it will not be as special, to him or her?

If that is the case, you need to change your way of thinking. Your loved one with be ecstatic to receive the gift they wished for, and it shows that you listen to your partner and want to please them as much as possible.

  1. Keep the Gift a Surprise

People like surprises. Some may say they do not, but most all people like a pleasant surprise. So keep the fact of what you bought your lover a secret. It is no fun to celebrate a holiday with gifts knowing what is sitting under the tree for you.

If you have to tell them of an item, make sure you have another equally special piece for your date hidden under the tree as a complete surprise to them.

  1. Have Gifts Available if Others Surprise You With a Present

Do you play the “don’t get me anything” or “no gift is necessary” game? A lot of the time, the person honestly does mean this, but then the holiday gets closer and they get more in the Christmas spirit, and off they go to the Chadstone Shopping Center in Melbourne to get you a gift. Since you do not know this, you show up empty-handed.

Make sure to have small, neutral gifts ready under the tree or in the car for this very scenario. Candles, movie tickets, candy, and your favourite wine always make lovely and well-received gifts in case you run into this issue.

  1. Give a Gift that the Other Person Wants (Not that You Want)

Purchasing gifts for others is fun when you pick out things that you like, not so much fun when you have to choose things that they like and appreciate, especially if you dislike the pattern, colour, or texture entirely. However, gift giving if not for the purchaser. You need to look at the item from the perspective of the gift receiver. Make sure you are looking for gifts in colours that your spouse would enjoy.

Make sure to look for things that reflect your partner’s hobbies, talents, and interests. Are they in goal-setting mode? Perhaps, a 2018 diary with goal and wellness focus might be the perfect balance of thoughtful and practical.

  1. Be Grateful

Lastly, the most essential and timeless tip for giving the perfect gift to your partner is to be grateful. Be thankful for the partner you have and for the love that you have for that person. Be grateful for the time, attention to detail, price, and consideration they put into choosing a gift they thought would be perfect for you, their lover and friend.

Use Psychology to Understand How to Choose a Gift for Your Partner

If selecting items at the holiday season stresses you out, then you need to understand the psychology behind gift giving. Gift giving is more about the recipient than the purchaser. We all like that big moment of reveal, to see the surprise and joy on the recipients face Christmas morning. However, that moment is more for you than for your partner.

To make sure your spouse or partner has a memorable morning opening gifts, you have to make sure the experience is a surprise and is for them and them only. If you dislike the item you bought them, but know it will bring them much joy, then be happy that you know your partner well enough to give a gift they will love and can use throughout the years!

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