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Minnesota Vikings: Sam Bradford proved to be worth the wait

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The Minnesota Vikings had Sam Bradford wait a week until he learned the playbook then unleashed him on a division rival, the Green Bay Packers. This was not how the script was supposed to play out. Bradford was due to come in and struggle, throw a few picks and get ransacked by the Packers defense. But when did Bradford decide he wanted to become a legit NFL QB?

His first game for the Vikings was no cake walk either. This was not against the Detroit Lions or the Cleveland Browns, it was Aaron Rodgers and the team they stole the division from last season. Sunday was a revenge game for the Packers and everything was falling right into their hands. The Vikings would be without their starting QB, Teddy Bridgewater and were forced to bring in, then rely on the inconsistent Bradford.

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In the locker room before the game, the Packers defense had to be licking their chops, just waiting to unload an offseason of frustration on the fragile Bradford. But they would never get their turn. Instead, they left Minnesota with more questions than answers as many of us had to wonder; when does a Bradford to Stefon Diggs produce more than Rodgers and Jordy Nelson?

But to make matters worse for the both teams, Adrian Peterson left the game in the third quarter and the Packers still couldn’t take advantage of the dire situation. But what did happen was what the Vikings were looking for Bridgewater to do this year, he took control. Bradford is not new to this, he’s just new to being healthy and playing for a winner.

Bradford completed 22/31 passes for 286 yards, two touchdowns, but most importantly, no turnovers. Maybe a week of studying paid off for Bradford and the team as he looked as poised as he has been since college. Was this just the beginning of things to come or was this what we always get from him, a quick glimpse of greatness, then followed by sheer incompetence?

If Peterson is out for an extended period, we at least know they can rely on Bradford for offense, but how long until the glass slipper comes off?

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