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Minnesota Vikings: Three Questions Heading into Training Camp


June 7, 2017

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When the Minnesota Vikings head to camp in, 2017 they will do so with many questions. Head Coach Mike Zimmer and his staff will have to their best to try to settle down the masses. Can the Vikings return to the form they had in 2015 when they won the division? We tackle three questions facing the Vikings as they head towards training camp.

These questions will proceed from least to most important.

  1. Can the Vikings WRs come around?

The receiving corps of the Minnesota Vikings is relatively unknown. They have names like Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen, Laquan Treadwell and the recently signed free agent Michael Floyd. Though we have all heard these names in one way or another, none of them has really made the big splash. Diggs had a solid rookie campaign in 2015 but he could not replicate that in 2016. They need to see production from the number one pick Treadwell in 2017 as well.

If the Vikings can get their receivers to produce, they will once again have a chance. That chance will be to reign in the NFC North and be a playoff team.

  1. Is Sam Bradford the answer?

The injury to QB Teddy Bridgewater was devastating. Many believe that it has set this team back. Many also believe that the trade for QB Sam Bradford was a panic move. Was Bradford really worth a first round pick?

That is in the past and now the Vikings will ride his coat tails again in 2017. He will need to have a much better season in order for the Minnesota Vikings to return to the ways of 2015.

  1. Are two backs better than one?

We all know that Adrian Peterson is no longer a Minnesota Viking. Now the Vikings have turned their attention to two backs instead of one. They signed free agent RB Latavius Murray away from the Oakland Raiders. Then they went out drafted Dalvin Cook. The Vikings expect both to see plenty of carries during the season. However, can the two of them equal one Adrian Peterson? It is going to be something to watch in training camp and beyond.

The Minnesota Vikings are one of those teams that could go either way during the 2017 season. If the pieces of the puzzle come together, the Vikings could be a team of playoff destiny. If one piece is missing, can they still have a pretty portrait? Stay tuned.

How do you feel about the 2017 Minnesota Vikings? Leave your comments below.

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