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MLB Free Agency: Positional Breakdown Series Preview

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Major League Baseball free agency does not kick off until after the World Series concludes. Considering we are still at the very beginning of the playoffs, we still have several weeks before players without a contract can ink a new deal to wear a different uniform in 2017. But here at INSC, we are always looking ahead. And with that, we will be rolling out an MLB free agency positional breakdown series starting on Monday, October 10th. So be sure to bookmark this page, as the links to each positions pieces will appear on here once they are released.

What this series will include is an article a day breaking down each position in the game. Below you can find which day will feature which position. When each piece is released, it will cover all the names entering the free agency market this winter for that given position. The more prominent names of the group will then be highlighted with a little more in depth discussion. We will go over if the player is likely to return to his old club or more than likely headed on the don a new uniform.

Each piece will also touch upon some teams who may be in the market for the given position. If you are into MLB’s hot stove, this series will certainly be for you. The Winter for baseball can be just as fun as the regular season. Analyzing player movement, who could go where and how they would fit in if they ended up in another spot is truly entertaining. So as I mentioned above, bookmark this page and be sure to check back here at INSC for all your MLB free agency things to know.

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Catchers: Monday, October 10th (Check it out here)

First Basemen: Tuesday, October 11th (Check it out here)

Second Basemen: Wednesday, October 12th (Check it out here)

Third Basemen: Thursday, October 13th (Check it out here)

Shortstops: Friday, October 14th (Check it out here)

Outfielders: Saturday, October 15th (Check it out here)

Designated Hitters: Sunday, October 16th (Check it out here)

Starting Pitchers: Monday, October 17th (Check it out here)

Relief Pitchers: Tuesday, October 18th (Check it out here)

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