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MLB: No Hall of Fame for steroid users, but okay to coach?

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Here is where I get confused when it comes to the MLB league. They let steroids happen in the ’80s and ’90s and possibly farther back, but then decided to crack down to save face later on. Okay, that’s egg on their face, but they tried to keep some dignity by attacking some of the bigger names in the game. Jose Canseco was just an ass, as he started outing people, becoming one of the sport’s first real snitches. With Canseco now doing a mob boss facing a life term singing job, his former teammate and friend Mark McGuire got caught in the cross hairs.

We know the history of McGuire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds and now Alex Rodriguez, all guys that should be in the Hall of Fame but due to poor decision making may not get that honor. But this is not about the Hall, this is about the MLB being hypocrites, turning their eye one year, then attacking the next only to turn it again but yet the masses have let this go unpunished.

I must know.

If a daycare opens up in your neighborhood ran by a convicted pedophile will you let your kids attend?

Simply question, but this is one that I feel MLB has dropped the ball on. In their minds they are the FBI, they helped break one of the baseball’s biggest secrets, made judgment calls and handed down punishments, but it’s like the convicted went to Club Fed while some were banished to a Cuban prison.

How can you banish Pete Rose who gambled on games while he was coaching, not playing but still give permission to players like McGuire, Bonds, and A-Rod to hold a position with teams when you caught them red-handed? Rose didn’t cheat the game while playing, he is the Hit King, but he will never get into the HOF or allowed to be in any ballparks but players that have cheated the morality code of baseball, not only got to stay and finish playing but now hold jobs within the league.

How the hell does that work?

In some cases of HGH use, older players introduced these players to the drug, now you let these retired users around young impressionable kids they grew up idolizing and somehow MLB is okay with this. Bonds is connected with one of the game’s most powerful hitters, Giancarlo Stanton as a hitting coach. McGuire is now with the San Diego Padres after spending time with the Cardinals, and Dodgers and A-Rod will now begin his tenure with the Yankees in a player developmental role. Yeah, that all makes sense.

It’s funny how MLB works. They allow you to cheat, but when the finger gets pointed in their direction, they take action by going offensive and throwing everyone under the bus. The steriod era did not destroy baseball; MLB destryoed baseball, and they have continued to do more damage by letting the guys they fought so hard to embarras continue to do what they love so much.

Rose didn’t cheat the fans while playing, A-Rod, McGuire and Bonds did, but yet Rose is banished while those three get a chance to teach younger players their secrets.

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