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MLB Rumors: Melvin Upton heading to Baltimore Orioles?

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The Baltimore Orioles are talking to the San Diego Padres about Melvin Upton and Andrew Cashner. However, these would end up being separate deals and not one huge deal.

Over the last few days, the Orioles and the Padres have had their names come up a lot. The latest rumor floating around was on Friday night of a possible trade that would send Melvin Upton to the Orioles and in return, the Padres would end up getting Ubaldo Jimenez and a prospect. Andrew Cashner would end up being in a separate deal.

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, he has been hearing that for Andrew Cashner, the San Diego Padres are asking for two prospects for Cashner. As Cashner has pitched himself to a 4.79 ERA in the NL West this season.

Ken Rosenthal has also heard that there is another AL East team who is interested in Andrew Cashner and Upton. The Toronto Blue Jays have been making calls to San Diego about both Upton and Cashner. However, the Blue Jays are not willing to answer to what the Padres are asking.

Prior to the Orioles and Blue Jays being rumored to be interested in both Upton and Cashner, the Padres as late as Friday night were telling teams that Melvin Upton was being close to being dealt. But as Yahoo’s Jeff Passan has reported, this is being speculated as being a negotiating posture, as the Padres are trying to shake out a better bid from a team who has prior interest in both Upton and Cashner.

What is less known is whether the Orioles are the team with the current high bid or if they are the team who the Padres are pressuring to place a higher bid.

What should be concerning to Oriole fans is the idea of Dan Duquette getting into a bidding war. For instance, in 2014 the Tigers were interested in Andrew Miller, which is what made them more willing to part ways with then-prospect Eduardo Rodriguez in that trade.

There are several teams that are interested in Andrew Cashner over the last week than Melvin Upton, so Upton to the Orioles seems more likely to happen than Cashner. Two other teams that are being rumored to have some interest in Andrew Cashner are the Texas Rangers and the Miami Marlins.

The Orioles have reclaimed first place for now. However, they could stand to improve in a couple of areas in order for them to stay in first place. This may mean Upton or Cashner or maybe they will turn to some other teams who are selling players.

There is still a week to go prior to the August 1st deadline. There is still plenty of time for deals to be made. This next week can get really intriguing, so strap in because it may be a crazy ride.

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