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MLB Rumors: Yasiel Puig heading to Chicago White Sox

After the Dodgers made a trade for outfielder Josh Reddick and starting pitcher Rich Hill, it seems that another Dodger may be out of Hollywood.

CBSSports.com’s RJ Anderson is reporting that the Chicago White Sox are trying to trade for Outfielder Yasiel Puig, who has been rumored to be on the move from Los Angeles over the last week. This will be a bit of a surprise if the White Sox can pull this trade off it would be a surprise among the baseball fans. Many baseball experts left the White Sox off the list of suitors for Puig because of Chris Sale probably staying in Chicago.

The reason why this seems unlikely to happen right now according to sources is that the Dodgers were asking for Chris Sale and possibly Jose Quintana. However, it seems unlikely for Sale or Quintana will be moved. However, we could see pitcher James Shields, closer David Robertson, outfielders Adam Eaton and Melky Cabrera and third baseman Todd Fraizer. It should be noted, none of these White Sox players have been directly linked to the Los Angeles Dodgers, but these are some possible names that could be moved. It would not surprise me personally if Yasiel Puig is dealt because they have other outfielders and with the addition of Josh Reddick it came down to one man being left on its island.

The likely hood of Yasiel Puig being moved became higher when the Dodgers traded for Josh Reddick and Rich Hill. We are still an hour and a half from the deadline, so something may still happen.

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