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MLB: Why Astros OF/DH Evan Gattis Is Baseball’s Most Ferocious Hitter

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It’s not likely many foresaw Evan Gattis hitting 50-plus RBI’s at the All-Star break. It’s also wasn’t plausible that the Astros would be fighting for first place in the A.L. West.

Yet, somehow both have happened, and as a result, Gattis has turned himself into one of baseball’s premier power hitters. The path Evan Gattis took to the major leagues is well documented, however what he is accomplishing this season might be the crowning moment of his career. The Astros designated hitter/outfielder is on pace to hit 25-plus home runs and consume 80 RBI’s.

He is referred to by many as ‘El Oso Blanco’ (The White Bear) and he lives up to his moniker in every way. The amount of raw power Gattis swings with is nearly¬† unmatched in today’s game. One of his trademarks is his unique approach at the batters box. Gattis is quite possibly the only player in professional baseball that doesn’t wear batting gloves.

He steps to the plate, gripping the bat with nothing but his bare hands, making him more intimidating to opposing pitchers. He recently went on a nine-game hit streak, one that included five runs, two homers, and six RBI’s. Gattis also had a stretch of season from April 28th-May 3rd which saw him hit 5 home runs, and collect 12 RBI’s.

Gattis isn’t necessarily a streaky player, but when he is locked in at the plate, watch out.

That’s what makes Evan Gattis such a terror for opposing pitchers. You just never know when he is going to launch a fastball for 350 ft. He might not hit at the most consistent rate, but his power is ferocious.¬† After all, they don’t call him El Oso Blanco for nothing.

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