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Money: How To Make Over Your Household Bills

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By Aimee

Everyone loves useful life hacks that can save money. Here is a look at some great ways that you can avoid spending too much on bills. From preventing unforeseen expenses to getting current billing rates reduced, it is worth taking the time to evaluate where your money goes. Check out the following tips for some clever ways to save.

Conserve and save: Save money on your electric bill by installing energy-efficient CFL or LED light bulbs. Always remember to turn off or unplug lights and appliances when you are not in the room or not using them. Use power strips and timers to turn off the charge going to electronic devices. These timers can be set to power down electricity being used from outlets when you are sleeping or away.

Install a programmable thermostat that can be set to run less when you are not home. Heating and air conditioning are most efficient and money-saving when your home is air-sealed, so be sure to add weather stripping to cut down on your electric bill and prevent drafts.

Insulate your walls, attic, and any hot water pipes that are exposed. Turn down the temperature of your hot water heater or consider adding a special insulating blanket to make the hot water heater more efficient.

You can cut down on water costs by taking shorter showers, turning the water off while brushing your teeth, and watering your lawn during the cool part of the day when water evaporates less. Put a closed jug of water or vinegar in your toilet tank so it doesn’t refill with water each time you flush.

Do it yourself: If you normally hire repairmen for household fix-ups and maintenance, you can save money by learning how to do some of these things yourself. Nix the need for lawn services by mowing your own yard. When something breaks, ask experienced friends and family for advice and assistance or find instructions on a reputable website.

Prevent unexpected costs: If you own a home, unexpected emergencies can happen at any time. Even a newer home can be damaged in an unforeseen event. Protect yourself so you aren’t slammed with unexpected bills by taking care of necessary home maintenance and preventative measures.

Your home should be equipped with fire detectors, fire extinguishers, and a home security system to prevent emergencies and break-ins. Make a seasonal maintenance checklist for your home that includes tasks like wrapping pipes before winter, draining the hot water heater, and cleaning your HVAC.

Remember that your home warranty cost saves you from the full expense of paying contractors to repair home damages that occur when disaster strikes. Compare costs and keep in mind that home warranties are essential for peace of mind and can save you money in the long run.

Downgrade or eliminate services: Compare the cost of premium versus basic cable packages. Cut fees for extras, such as DVR service. There are a variety of streaming services that provide hours of entertainment, so you might even be able to live without cable when you sign up with streaming companies at a lower rate.

Consider downgrading your mobile phone plan. Look at your usage history to see if you can get by with fewer gigabytes of data to save money.

Make a list of all your subscriptions and cut out the ones you rarely use or can live without. Otherwise, look for ways to get them for less. Your newspaper or magazine might be more affordable through an online subscription than home delivery of the print edition.

Negotiate: When it comes to the monthly bills that you receive, look to see which ones have gone up in price over the years. If your company wants to keep you as a customer, they will give you a good rate. There is a good chance that you can call your company to bundle your services or get the current special rates, which might greatly reduce the amount you pay.

Change providers: If you are unable to negotiate lower rates with your current providers, it might help to switch to a different company. Keep an eye on special promotions with different providers by watching for direct mail sales flyers or searching the internet. If you find a good deal and you would rather stick with your current company, ask them for a price match before making a decision.

Pay on time: By paying your bills on time, you can avoid late fees. Paying late often involves rate hikes and can accumulate unnecessary interest. Plan ahead for upcoming bills when possible, and set reminders on your phone or calendar for monthly billing due dates.

When you decide to make over your household expenses, keep these tips in mind. Remember to use prevention methods, conserve costly resources, do repair work yourself, negotiate rates or change providers, and pay on time. By following these tips, you should be able to reduce your bills and save money.

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