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Tech: Is Home Automation Lifestyle for Everyone?


February 17, 2017

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By Adam Smith

Times are fast changing, and home automation has been at the forefront in improving how homeowners interact with their homes.

The increased use of linear actuators as used in automatic Table Lifts has made it possible to control various home devices from virtually anywhere.

It is interesting to see TV lifts that automatically pops out the cabinet or pops down from the ceiling when one what to watch something and go back one finishes watching.

Home automation is extensively applied in controlling lighting security systems, kitchen appliances, and garage doors, just to name a few.

Sit back and let me take you on a journey on how you can automate your home with a few smart devices.

Thermostat control

Gone are days that you had to be physically present in your home so as to regulate the temperature. Smart thermostats give you the comfort of remotely controlling your home virtually from anywhere.

If you are at your workplace or on vacation you can easily turn the air condition on or off, adjust the temperature or more conveniently have an automatic schedule that ensures that will have the perfect temperature every time.

Home security

Most are there times are the times you are forced to leave home in a hurry because you are getting to work or you are about to miss an important appointment or flight.

Once in our destination, it hits that you might have left the doors unlocked or did even set up the alarm. Worry no more. Smart security systems got your back.

Smart security products allow you to monitor your home, arm and disarm your alarm from virtually from anywhere keeping your home not only secure but under surveillance.

Multi-room Music

Smart home technology offers you smart audio capabilities that allow you to enjoy your favorites tunes from any room in your house in a more personalized manner. With smart audio receivers, you can change a song, adjust the volume or paused it with a click of a button.

Another amazing attribute is that you can play music selectively by having different music zones in your house. You can choose the specific rooms your house where you want to play the music or have the entire house as a single music zone.

How cool this?

Home lightning

Smart home technology can transform smartphone or tablet device into a portable light switch.

This capability will enable you to turn on and off lights, adjust the brightest, change color to suit your preferences or other occupants of various rooms in your house.

Automation of electrical devices

It is now possible to automate devices such as TVs, kitchen appliances or devices used in feeding pets. You can set automatic schedule when the TV pops from its cabinet or the time and the amount of food your pet will be taking on a daily basis.

Blind control

With smart blind controls, you can automatically schedule your blinds and curtains to open when it is hot preventing overheating and close when the ideal temperature has been attained and thus moderating interior house temperatures while at the same time saving on energy costs.

The fact that all these products can be controlled remotely via a smartphone, PC or a tablet means that homeowners can have tailored and convenient household experiences.

However, to achieve the perfect smart home, it is essential to have a complete knowledge of smart home needs. Given that there are plenty of smart home devices in the market, I recommend that you seek professional assistance so that you can achieve a smart home that is well integrated and simple to control as per your budget and smart home needs.

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