With it’s June 2nd, release date, Wonder Woman could be a role of a lifetime for Gal Gadot. With her acting resume still young, she’s already been cast as the face of one of comics biggest roles. It’s been 38 years since we’ve seen a live-action version of DC’s favorite heroine and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The DCEU needs a film to break from their perceived “dark” tone of their films and trailers for Wonder Woman already give the impression the film will have its share of humor. Can Gal Gadot pull off one of the most iconic roles in comics?

Her rise to popularity has been quick as she’s already been a part of one of the most successful franchise in recent years with The Fast & the Furious. One of her first roles as an actress and she’s already starred with some of Hollywoods biggest names. Pressure shouldn’t be an issue going into this role having split film time with stars like Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and Paul Walker. The Fast and Furious franchise evolved from movies about street racing to the often forgotten action genre. With car chases, fight scenes, and explosions there was no room to pencil in the pretty-princess sidekicks.

Aside from unrealistic expectations of some die-hard fans, Gadot seems to be the perfect fit. With superheroes dominating the box office fans need Wonder Woman. A genre that promotes action, adventure, and excitement are often dominated by leading men. She’s not even the first star to face backlash over their casting in a DC film. Before her, actors like Michael Keaton and Heath Ledger were blasted by critics when they were cast as Batman and The Joker in their movies. Keaton was known for his lovable goofball roles like Beetlejuice, surely he couldn’t pull off Bruce Wayne, right? Ledger was just another Hollywood pretty boy known for roles such as 10 Things I Hate About you, no way he’s gonna be a good Joker! Both Keaton and Ledger would go on to be arguably the greatest portrayal in each of their separate films.

So, why is she the perfect fit?

There are very few people in Hollywood that feel made for the role they’ve been cast. Whether you’ve seen some of her movies, watched some of her interviews, or follow her social media everything you see screams Wonder Woman. Of course, there have been naysayers along the way, but don’t let them fool you. It’s not about just a pretty face. Whoever has the challenge of playing Diana Prince not only needs to look the part but needs to make you believe the part. Not only do they have to have the poise, charm, and charisma to carry such a strong role but also to represent the rarely used female lead.

There are so few Hollywood movies that cast a female heroine. Sure they’ve been the strong independent sidekick, but more often than not they’ve been the damsel in distress. If you thought about it, you could probably name a handful of them off the top of your head. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to rattle off 3 to 5 more. Unfortunately in Hollywood, if these roles exist they have often been easily forgotten films. Wonder Woman is one of the few movies of its kind where Gadot is not only representing a brand but a whole gender. Her portrayal will be examined under a microscope by critics and fans alike. DC couldn’t just attach a pretty face and hope for the best. They needed an actress who was not only provocative but has the strength and confidence to convince the audience of that character. They’ve found that in Gal Gadot.

Going into Wonder Woman fans should set their expectations aside. Yes, everyone wants to see their favorite comic book characters come to life on the big screen. We all have a vision of what the character should be and how they should be portrayed. However, before you get online and blast the film for not meeting your expectations think of the people who need this movie to happen. Wonder Woman is for the fans, but it’s also for the young girls who are laughed at for loving Iron Man or The Avengers. It’s for the ones that don’t want adventure and excitement that doesn’t come with their Disney princesses. Wonder Woman is for anyone whose mother or grandmother is the strongest person in their life and needs to be okay with looking up to them. So on June 2nd, if Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman doesn’t live up to your expectations, keep it to yourself and remember the movie’s not just for you.

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