Most lists want to boil an entire year’s worth of movies down to a narrowly focused list of what may likely be the most safe choices to showcase. Granted sometimes a few risky or obscure choices are included to make the list deviate from the cookie cutter form that most tend to take.

This list is going to cover movies that will help people make it from January to April, because frankly there is some interesting cinematic fare to be considered in that time-frame.

Don’t worry, I still plan to provide updates as to what will be coming out in later months leading all the way to the end of the year. My personal belief is that narrowing focus too much may cheat people the opportunity to see some great movies.

So for your consideration, here are some movies to watch in 2015 – my Winter Edition.


The Gambler – January 1st 2015

Jim Bennet is a literature professor who leads a risky secret life – he’s a gambler. His favorite “highs” are high risks and high stakes. He’s not a man with an aversion to going all in even if it means doing so with the wrong people.

Larry “Doc” Sportello is a burned-out private detective who gets hired by an old flame to investigate a plot to have her new billionaire beau committed . When she and her boyfriend actually disappear, “Doc” will have to muddle through a world of police, stoners, and surfers to get to the truth.

Still Alice – January 16th 2015

Alice Howland is an accomplished linguistics professor, who begins to fade away right before her family’s eyes. She is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers, and it proves to be devastating news that will end up testing the limits of her family’s bond.

A Most Violent Year – January 23rd 2015

1981 is said to have been, statically, the most violent year in the history of New York city. During that year, a young immigrant and his family try to expand their business in the face of adversity. Will the violence, corruption, and decay destroy his business, his morality, and possibly his family?

American Sniper – January 16th 2015

The true story of Chris Kyle, the man who has been dubbed the deadliest sniper in United States military history. Not only does this movie explore his time on the battlefield, it looks at the difficulties he had leaving it behind.

Blackhat – January 16th 2015

American and Chinese agencies are desperately trying to track down a cyber terrorist network. They ultimately realize that sometimes to catch a criminal you need the assistance of one. They release a genius cyber criminal named Nicholas Hathaway to help them locate and eliminate the threat before it’s too late.

Project Almanac – January 30th 2013

An unsettling image in footage from an old video shot at a young mans birthday party causes him to question how what he saw could be possible. When he and his friends find the plans to a “temporal displacement device” also known as a time machine, they realize they have found the answer.

After they construct the device they begin to treat time and space as their personal playground until they are faced with the consequences of their actions.

Kingsman: The Secret Service – February 13th 2015

This adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic book, The Secret Sevrice, tells the tale of a young miscreant who turns out to be perfect protege material for a veteran Secret Service agent.

After being recruited he will be trained for a world of espionage that will bring him face to face with an evil genius, who threatens to destroy the world.

The Gunman –  February 20th 2015

A military contractor/operative, who suffers from PTSD, is desperate to get out of the game. Unfortunately it’s not the kind of game where you can just push back from the table and call it a day – especially since his employers have different plans in mind.

Now if he has any hopes of being with the woman he loves, he must clear his name. To do so he will have to go on a run that will take him all across Europe.

As medical research students are mapping the human brain, they tragically kill own of their own. The students discover a way of bringing people back from the dead, and attempt to reanimate their dead colleague. Their actions prove to have dire consequences as they unleash an evil force as a result of their meddling.

Unfortunately there is no trailer for this movie yet and no production stills from the set. However, with a plot-line that is equal parts Frankestein and Flatliners – I am a little more than intrigued. Visit iMDB for more information about the cast and possible updates.

Focus – February 27th 2015

A veteran con artist taken on an attractive female protege, in order to teach her the tricks of his chosen trade. He does what one should never do in the con game, especially when it comes those with whom you work – he gets romantically involved.

He wisely breaks things off and they go their separate ways. A few years pass and they find themselves on opposite sides of the same grift, and he finds himself at a loose end.

Chappie – March 6th 2015

After being kidnapped by two criminals at the time of his birth, Chappie is adopted as the son to a strange and dysfunctional family. Chappie is not only a preternaturally gifted prodigy, with a distinctive personality – he also just happens to be a robot.

In the Heart of the Sea – March 13th 2015

In the winter of 1820, the New England whaling ship Essex would encounter a creature the likes of which are the stuff of legend: a whale of titanic size and will, with an almost human sense of vengeance. Herman Melville would use this tale as the basis of his literary masterpiece, Moby Dick.

Where Melville’s tale ends, is where the real harrowing tale begins for the survivors of the Essex. Shipwrecked and thousands of miles from home for 90 days, the survivors would be face with unthinkable circumstances that would push them nearly to their breaking point.

Get Hard – March 27th 2015

With 30 days before hedge fund manager James King is set to do a 10 year stretch in San Quentin, he decides find someone ot help him learn how to become “hard” enough to handle prison life.

Based on false and somewhat racist preconceived notions, he enlists the help of a hard working small business owner named Darnell Lewis to teach him the ropes. While not much gets learned about jailhouse living, maybe they’ll learn something much more profound.

Furious 7 – April 3rd 2015

In the previous installment of the series, Dominic Torreto and his crew took down Owen Shaw and his band of mercenaries. Owen Shaw was killed in the process and now his brother Deckard Shaw is out for blood.

Torreto and his crew have returned to The U. S. hoping to return to normal lives, but Deckard Shaw isn’t about to let normal be the path for the lives of Torreto and his crew.

Ex Machina – April 10th 2015

A young computer coder is chosen to spend a week at the remote home of the CEO for the company he works for. He discovers that he will be participating in experiments involving a revolutionary form of artificial intelligence.

Is it the opportunity he’s been dreaming of or does it become a nightmare?

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Child 44 – April 17th 2015 

During Stalin’s rule, Leo Demidov was one of the most feared men in the Soviet Union’s military police. He was an unflinching and unquestioning patriot who always carried out his orders. In the wake of the murder of a friends young son, he is disgraced and banished to a work camp.

During this time, he begins to see an emerging pattern of murders taking place that resemble that of his friends son. He begins to investigate the case only to make the ugly realization, that ties to the murders run all the way to those in top leadership positions.







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