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Movies To Watch In 2015: Winter Edition – January to April

Most lists want to boil an entire year's worth of movies down to a narrowly focused list of what may likely be the most safe choices to showcase. Granted sometimes a few risky or obscure choices are included to make the list deviate from the cookie cutter form that most tend to take. This list is going to cover movies that will help people make it from January to April,
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Entertainment: American Sniper Official Trailer (VIDEO)

Chris Kyle, also known as "The Devil of Ramadi", was a U.S. Navy SEAL and the most deadly sniper in American military history. Out of over 250 possible kills, 160 have been confirmed. American Sniper tells the story of Kyle's tour of duty in Iraq as his deadly accuracy cements his place as a legend in military history. It also tells the unfortunate, but real struggle of a man who