Pro athletes are unique in a lot of ways. But when it comes to moving places or changing employers, their troubles are just as complicated as the rest of us. They need a place to live when the season’s live, and they do it while knowing that they might be moving to new city or team when they get traded.

“How do I sell my old place?”, “Who’s going to move all my sports memorabilia, awards, and belongings to the new place?”, “And what am I going to do with those 2 roadsters in my garage? (Not a common problem, we digress!).

The Logistics of Relocating Aren’t Easy, Even for Athletes! When a player is traded, the 2 days before they’ve to report to the new team are a whirlwind. On the outside, the player’s people are managing contracts, roles, rosters and cap space. But the player doesn’t care!

He is worried about making the actual, physical move. And for a young player, it can be a lot to take in at once.

Little things like clothes, cars and even the jewelry and shows can add up. And then the trouble is that they don’t even have the time to pack up themselves. After all, they’ve got games coming up. So, someone else will probably be coming in to pack up the house when they are gone.

It couldn’t possibly be easy to concentrate on the game in the days following a trade. If the player doesn’t have it all together, their play on the floor will lag a little bit.

Yes, they get paid a lot of money. But really, the money has nothing to do with it. The move can throw the best and biggest among us out of the loop. Even if the guy has requested the trade, they are still in for a major adjustment period.

How Do Athletes Make the Move Right?The NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and other pro sports teams often hire a relocation partner to help the players and their families make a smooth move. If you are an athlete who is about to make a move to a new team or a new city, make sure you are working with professionals who are capable of ensuring a seamless move and accommodate for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise in the meanwhile.

You will need:

ü Vehicle relocation

ü Real estate scouting

ü Wiring for Wi-Fi, home theater hook-ups, etc.

ü Demographic reports, i.e., school info, etc. for the destination

ü Maid/cleaning/cooking services

ü Organization and packing

ü Charter of air and ground transport for family, pets and of course, the athlete himself

ü Unpacking and home setup

So, in effect, athletes need to look for more than a moving service. They require concierge services that cater to making all aspects of this stressful time more comfortable.

How to Plan Ahead for an Easy Move?Moving is always stressful proves. And no matter how many resources you have in your hand, the fact remains. That’s why it is a good idea to pack as much as possible, by yourself, well before you have to move. The trouble is that packing for athletes is an art in itself and requires special planning.

Here are a few handy tips for athletes on the move:

1. Athletes Require Access to Certain Items, Pack These Last!

Athletes live a very disciplined and regimented life. They need their exercise equipment, clothing, supplements, etc. always at hand. These items are essential to help them excel at the game, and it is never a good idea to pack them away.

The athlete’s personal moving list should be available to them and their manager at all times, and they should be arranged in a way that makes these things very accessible. This will help our athlete keep track of things that are important to them, and ensure that they have quick and easy access to essential equipment at all times during the move.

2. Pay Attention to the Details

It might be a good idea to carefully oversee the loading and unloading process. If the athlete can’t do it himself, then perhaps assign a family member to the job. This is important because as experienced at the movers may be, they in all probability have no idea what’s important for the family, and what needs to go on last so it can be unloaded first. They are just packing up the moving rucks to maximize the storage space.

That’s why someone should be there to let the movers know which boxes will be needed first thing, once the trucks reach their destination. The moving packing list for the athlete must be structured, and each box should be packed and numbered correctly. In a numbered system the boxes match the lists and make the entire packing and unpacking experience that much efficient.

3. Hire Professionals for a Stress-Free Move

The right kind of professional help will not only help you pack your belongings carefully, but also give you a complete plan of action for the relocation. They’ll arrange for the movement of artifacts, memorabilia, high-end vehicles, etc. and give you a schedule as well as a time frame you can count on.

When the time comes to move, the athlete and their family shouldn’t have to worry about the storage and safe transportation of their belongings. In fact, the move should ensure that they lose as little access as possible.

The Last WordWhether you are moving across the state or across the country, or even across the ocean, it is essential to have the right moving company by your side to make your move easy. This holds true for superstar athletes as well. Once they have the peace of mind knowing that their comfort is being catered to, they can perform well on the court or in the field.

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