sexual fantasies that every man wants

Sexual fantasies are a normal part of life and men and women both may have them. Sex is such a big part of life that thinking about isn’t out of the ordinary. In fact, most people will have had a sexual fantasy or multiple fantasies at least once in their life. Sexual fantasies can help one get aroused and find pleasure even on solo adventures. A sexual fantasy could be something that you really like, you really desire or something that you think about a lot. One of the things you can do for a man is to make his fantasies come true. That would be a wonderful surprise for your male partner. So, here are some sexual fantasies that every man wants to experience in real life.

1. Cum in the mouth

Men love it when a woman sucks him and he can ejaculate in her mouth. Most men think about it. The sexual experiences that women go through, there would be at least 4 out of 5 times, the man would ask if she would be willing to take his cum in her mouth or swallow his cum. This shows that men are really into it and I guess it turns them on. Men even like talking about it while women are sucking them so they can imagine and orgasm I believe.  But if you want to make your man happy, try this and he will be more than happy to have it.

2. Threesome

Men love threesomes or even thinking about it. They like being the only man in the group and desire two women to pleasure him. This is a common fantasy that most males have and if your partner hasn’t talked to you about it, you ask him. My boyfriend would jokingly say that he would want a threesome with me and another girl like an Asian BBW. It isn’t that he wants to have someone on the side, it just a fantasy. Think of it as something kinky and different that you both may want to try. After all, the pleasure will be tremendous.

3. Oral sex

Every man has thought about oral sex – be it giving or receiving. Not all men may be ok with giving but almost all are open to receiving. In fact, a lot of them think about it. If they are with a woman, they will want a blowjob. Desiring a blowjob isn’t bad, if the woman is ok with it. Some women really like doing it – something about the soft and smooth penis making it delectable to suck on.

4. Sex in unusual places

Sexual acts outside the bedroom have been a fantasy of many as it turns people on. Being in the bedroom, doing it there may become too ritualistic after a while. The very thought of doing in a new place – like maybe the balcony can turn a man on. It may even be a sexual fantasy to do it outdoors. And ladies, do give it a try, it is a lot of fun!

5. Roleplay

You know that naughty nurse or sexy schoolgirl avatar – a lot of men like it. They may even fantasize about it and is one of the sexual fantasies that every man wants. Roleplaying can make things super interesting in the sex department. It adds excitement to an otherwise boring sex routine. Thinking of it can make men excited and hence the fantasies.

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