seduce a man in a public place

Feeling naughty and want to make your man hot for you? Or you are just adventurous and want to test if you can make the man with you horny enough. The art of seduction is subtle. Especially if you are out in public, you cannot do things that are loud and draw attention. Instead, you have to do it carefully, aiming it at the right person. So, ladies if you just want to gain some confidence or actually seduce a man to take back home, here are 5 simple techniques to seduce a man in a public place.

  1. Pass naughty notes

This one is the best way to be discreet. If you are out on a public date, then use napkins to write notes and pass it on to him. You can make those hot and naughty. You obviously don’t want to miss the chance to tell him that you aren’t wearing any underwear! Men love this. Who knows, when you get home, he may want to check this out for himself. You could also write your fantasy down and pass the note. It could say things like you want to be tied up and fucked. This can also do the trick and arouse the man.

  1. Use body language

Use your body language to your advantage. You can convey a lot of things through body language. Actions like bending forward while he is talking shows that you are interested in what he is saying. Also, the fact he can see some of your cleavage is always a plus.Biting and licking of lips can also send a sexual sign when you talk to him asit attracts attention to your lips. You could eat phallus-shaped items in front of him. For example, eating a popsicle and sucking hard on it can arouse a man who is interested in doing it.

  1. Touch him and yourself (appropriately of course)

Try gentle and light touches on shoulders or tug at his hair. Your hand on his knee or you sitting close to him are signs that you want him sexually. Touch your collarbone to attract attention to your assets or play with your hair while talking to him and looking at him. This will keep him focused on you. One of the things I did to seduce my boyfriend was to just lean over his shoulder with my breasts touching him. That did the job!

  1. Remain mysterious

Guys are very intrigued by a mysterious woman. Don’t let him know everything about you and let him think that he has you figured out. Leave a little bit of mystery and he shall follow you. Talk in a low voice and don’t promise anything early on.

  1. Give him a sneak peek

Try giving him a sneak peek of what he can get if he goes with you. Wear something that gives him an idea of what he gets to play with later. Small things like leaving an extra button open on your blouse or bending low enough for him to see your backside should do it. You could also be wearing a white shirt and accidentally drop water on it. That will make it transparent and let the man know what he can get!

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