Things That Attracts a Woman

A one-night stand is a subject that isn’t much talked about. Many balk at it and some are excited about it. Many women don’t feel ok with the idea of a one-night stand, but with so many wanting sex outside normal relationships, this has become quite common. Women’s hesitation is understandable as they aren’t sure what this will be. Will just be sex and done? Or will it have something for them too? Will they be getting something out of it or not? But the man has to assure them that both will have fun and here are 5 things that attracts a woman for a one night stand.

Showing attention and interest

We all love a little bit of attention right. So, if you show attention to a woman, she will naturally be wanting to ear what you have to say. That is the first step to get her to talk to you openly. Show you are interested in talking and spend some time doing that. Talk about different things like her interest, adventures etc. Don’t forget to get her name. Show interest in what she is talking about and see if she is returning your interest. Spend as long as it is needed to get her to trust you and be comfortable with you. Without this, there will be no chance of a one-night stand.

Being persistent and patient

This is as important as being interested and showing attention. Persisting in the right manner is good. But being a creep won’t help matters. You should know when to back off and when to pursue. For example, in my case, the first hookup I had was with a person who was persistent. But he did back off when I said I won’t meet. That gave me some positive signals. So, when he asked me out the second time, I agreed. It’s the way a woman’s psyche works; this action gave me an idea that he wouldn’t force me to do anything I didn’t want and that’s always good. Patience is also a key for meet ups. Take your time with the drinks and dinner. Don’t try to rush back for a quick fuck session.

Make your intentions known

Be clear on your intentions. Be direct about your wishes and desires. Don’t string her along or lie to her and let her misinterpret your wants. This should be a consensual experience or both and both must agree that this is a one-off thing or not. Often if women are hopeful about seeing men in the future, they may be pressurised to do something, they otherwise wouldn’t have done. So be very clear.

Putting her at ease

Put her at ease by ensuring that you treat her right, like a real person with feelings and not just a sexual object. No one likes feeling of getting used, even though you are going to have a fling with no strings. You could do things like kissing. Kissing is important as it helps two people connect, even if it is just for the night. Women like to feel wanted and there is no better way than kisses to say that. Do things that make her comfortable. Like my date set the mood, put on music and was totally ok holding hands, cuddling and kissing before we got to the sex act. And believe me, I liked that a lot.

Turning her on and using protection

It is important to turn the woman on as well. If she isn’t aroused, then sex may not be on the cards. Take your time, try foreplay, touch her intimately and see if she responds sexually to you. Always bring protection as it is the principal for casual sex. This avoids unpleasant surprises and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Make her comfortable during the act and ensure that she feels good too. Sex must be good for both and not just one party.

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