Are you looking to better your baseball skills and technique? Is practice with your team or on your own just not giving you the kind of results you’re after? Baseball, like so many other sports out there, is something that can most definitely be improved upon when you put in the time and effort, and have the right tools at your fingertips. This is exactly why we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of five things you need for better baseball practice, which will in turn drastically improve your game over time.

Dress In the Proper Gear

While this may sound really simple and inconsequential, in reality it’s best to wear your proper gear when practicing. This means a baseball jersey and pants, as well as your cleats. You want to create as real of an experience as possible so that the skills and techniques you tweak will be applicable in the game too.

Have a Practice Partner

Sure, there are some things you can practice on your own, but ideally you’ll have a partner you can practice with. Even if that person is just going to catch the balls that you throw, or pitch to you while you work on your swing.

Don’t Have a Practice Partner – Rely on a Machine

If you don’t have a practice partner, then your next best option is a baseball pitching machine. Look for one that allows you to change the speed and trajectory of the ball. This will give you a more well-rounded practice experience.

When first using this style of machine it’s a good idea to start at the slowest speed so you can get a feel for it. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself too quickly. Start slow and work your way up.

Use the Wall for a Throwing Partner

There’s also a simple fix for a throwing partner if you don’t happen to have one. Look for a wall you can throw the ball against, where there isn’t anything breakable like a window. Brick or concrete walls will work best. You can then practice throwing at different spots on the wall changing up speed, what level you are throwing at (up high vs down low), and even the style you use. You’ll also be able to catch the ball as it comes back to you, forcing you to really hustle and get in that exercise.

Portable Pitching Mound

If you happen to be a pitcher, you’ll want to simulate the same experience pitching at home. This can be done using an artificial pitching mound. You can transform a field or your own back yard into a baseball field with no set-up or effort on your part. Simply move the mound into place, and you can start pitching. Using an artificial pitching mound allows for a more realistic experience, which also means you can tweak your stance, style, and pitches in a more accurate manner.

Just make sure to look for a mound that is durable and meant to last. There’s a good chance you’ll be wearing your cleats while practicing, so it needs to hold up to the spikes. At the same time, it should be lightweight and portable enough that you can easily move it into place.

Get the Results You’ve Been After

By following these tips, and more importantly practicing on a regular basis, you’ll start to slowly see improvements in your game. Don’t forget, everything takes time, learning what to tweak and then analyzing those results isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s important to stick with a practice schedule and give it all you’ve got.

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