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Your menstrual cycle is a completely natural process. Woman get periods once a month but the duration is not so good and makes a woman feel terrible. Although, the main question is that, “Can you have sex during periods”? Well, it is completely normal and in fact, safe. Sex during periods can get a little messy but it can be worked out if your partner does not have any problem. There are a lot of people who think that sex will be gross when in periods. However, if your partner and you feel comfortable, then it is totally alright and can take advantage of period sex.

There are also a lot of benefits of Period Sex. Read on to find out


  • Relief from menstrual cramps

Almost every woman has experienced menstrual cramps at least once in their life. However, only a few people know this that orgasms can actually help you with menstrual cramps. These cramps happen because your uterus contracts to release its lining. When you get an orgasm, the muscle of your uterus also contracts. Then it releases on its own. This release will bring you a relief from all the menstrual cramps. Apart from that, sex releases hormones like endorphins which makes you feel really good. You will also distract your mind from the discomfort while engaging in to sex and hence, that will make you feel good as well.


  • Sex drive and period

A lot of people assume that your vagina is more sensitive when you are on your period. Also, a lot of studies suggest that you can probably have the best sex in your periods. This has actually been true for a lot of women. Although, there is no scientific reason behind this. Although, a lot of hormonal changes happen during menstruation. However, the hormone levels are low during this time and so, vaginal tissues can be more sensitive. On the other hand, psychologically it make a woman feel good. Thus, it is impossible to judge or reach to a general conclusion. At the same time, sexual drives are complex and thus, you should just go with the flow.

However, your testosterone levels are really low on day 1 but, they will rise on day 2 and 3. This is the reason why some women feel really aroused during their period. Also, your blood flow will serve as extra lubrication for sex.


  • Doctors also recommend it

Even the doctors find it completely normal to have sex during menstruation. Although, they suggest that both the partners need to be comfortable with it. You can even discuss this with your gynaecologist. It is a great way to have sex without taking a break. At the same time, you can have stained sheets while having sex on your period. To avoid that, put a towel underneath. A lot of doctors suggest having sex in the shower. It will not be so messy or gross.


  • Minimise the mess

It is possible to even minimise the mess. You can wear a menstrual cup or a female condom. This will reduce the flow that stains the sheets. If you are not comfortable with that, then your partner wearing a simple condom will also reduce the clean-up mess for him. You can also try having sex in the missionary position with the woman on the back. This will limit the blood flow for the time being.



Having sex during your periods is completely natural. Yes, it does give you relief from your menstrual cramps and also makes you feel good. Apart from that, you can always choose to have sex during the latter part of your period. It is because the blood flow also decreases during this time and your testosterone levels are also high. So, next time your man wants to show his naughty love during periods, don’t be afraid of it and can try period sex.

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