Here’s the thing about married men wanting to be with a single girl: it’s all about the power.

Married men lose quite a bit of power when they take on a partnership of marriage. He no longer gets to call 100% of the shots, he has to check in, and maybe even ask permission to do certain things.

With single girls, the married man calls all the shots. He determines when they can see each other, when the girl is allowed to contact him, and the contact method.

Guy A told me I was only allowed to email him because his wife checks the phone bill which lists all activity so he can’t even delete messages because she would still know. So email it is, but only if prior to when he goes home for the evening, TO BE WITH HIS WIFE!

So there’s a contact curfew.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m digging a guy I want to text him and I want to be able to do so when I feel like it, not during designated hours. I can assure you it’s NOT a turn on to be given instructions like that.

Guy B would tell me about all the hot girls he’s hooked up with as if to brag about how he can have any girl he wants. This is also far from a turn on. It only makes me see you as a male slut and it does nothing that you think it does. You’re still married but congratulations, you’re also a douche for trying to use that as a ploy to “get me”.

This is just another page from the power play book. Attempting to assert a George Clooney-type of power.

Now the best day you can ever have is when you flip the play and take control. I guarantee you if you don’t reply, his ego will be hurt and he’ll start contacting you even more. He will start begging, pleading, and bargaining: “Okay, you can text me but only this one time.” “My wife and I don’t even sleep in the same bed, so it’s okay.”

Stay strong, they might not ever stop trying but at least you now have the power and always remember, there are plenty of hot single guys available!

2 Replies to “Ms. X: Married Men And The Games They Play”

  1. Actually, it’s all about the sex, not power. He’s tired of sleeping with just one woman, who probably doesn’t have sex with him as much as he would like. As for making you contact him via email, of course he’s not going to want you to text him. If his wife sees it, she’ll divorce him and it will cost him tens of thousands of dollars. The question you should really be asking is why are you seeing a married man in the first place? Sounds to me like you’re playing some games of your own there, Ms. X.

  2. Actually, it’s all about sex, not power. Men cheat on their wives because they are unsatisfied with their sex life. In regards to him making you email him, of course he doesn’t want you to text him. If his wife finds out, she’ll divorce the scumbag and it will cost him tens of thousands of dollars and destroy his life. Judging by that last full paragraph it is you that is playing the power games, not him. My question to you, Ms. X, is why are you sleeping with a married man in the first place?

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