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Ms. X: Are You Married To A ‘Joshua Duggar’?

If you didn’t know who Ashley Madison was before yesterday, you sure know her now. Thanks to an epic hack that revealed the names of adulterers, spouses from all over have some extra closet space this morning. is a website for cheating spouses to hook up with one another. If the hack wasn’t entertaining enough, we learned of one very famous, holier than thou Christian who frequented the site
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Ms. X: The Pros Of Dating A Married Man

It is a relationship as old as time itself. Married man-single woman. And even today, it is easier to have now, than ever before. Thanks to various online dating services and multiple social media platforms that enable complete anonymity, married men have the digital tools at their proverbial fingertips to find that perfect jumpoff-side piece mistress of their dreams. Thanks to these tools, single women also have a wide array
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Ms. X: Married Men And The Games They Play

Here’s the thing about married men wanting to be with a single girl: it’s all about the power. Married men lose quite a bit of power when they take on a partnership of marriage. He no longer gets to call 100% of the shots, he has to check in, and maybe even ask permission to do certain things. With single girls, the married man calls all the shots. He determines
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Ms. X: Married Men’s Odd Obsession With Single Women

In what seems to be a scene ripped out of the script of a Lifetime rom-com, the never-ending obsession of married men have for single women, will never change. For those who don’t know me, people think it’s weird that I’ve never been married but honestly, it’s just never felt right and I highly doubt that will ever change. Recently, there’s been a recent influx of married guys trying to