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A sexual experience for a person may be good or bad. Although sex is meant to provide pleasure, some experiences may fall short of it and some may exceed our expectations. It could be with a long-term partner or a casual relationship. It is what you feel at the end of a sexual encounter that can make it memorable. Sexual experiences are quite varied for different people because we meet different partners and no two humans are the same. But here are some reasons why some sexual experiences can remain in our memory.

You get along with the partner

Now this one is a no-brainer that if you get along with the partner you are intimate with, your sexual encounter is set to be memorable. It helps if we actually like the person we are going to sleep with. It will be difficult if you don’t like them and still try to have sex. Of course, you may be able to complete the act, but memorable? Nope.

Actual conversations take place

Many couples just like to get to it when they meet for a one-night stand. However, when you talk and feel comfortable with each other, chances are high that you will be vocal about your sexual preferences. This is necessary if you want to have great sex and make it “memorable”. Couples that don’t talk, take sex just as an act that needs to be fulfilled. Two different people, both getting what they want can be possible only with clear communication. Discuss about your sexual preferences, erotica, watch some hot couple videos from Red Porn together, or even talk about kinky fantasies. It will help to build that connection.

Good behavior

People shouldn’t take it for granted when someone is agreeing to sex, even if it is a one-night stand or meeting with an escort. Good behavior is absolutely necessary on both sides. If one person misbehaves or if both are rude and inconsiderate, then either there will be no sex or zero satisfaction.

Nothing is forced

There is give and take in a truly memorable sexual encounter. And no acts should be forced. If someone is with you for sex but changes his/her mind, then you shouldn’t force it. Forced sex is never good. It is like having a bitter aftertaste in the mouth after eating a chocolate cake – useless. So, make sure the partner is doing what he/she wants, not just what you want. Sexual experiences can be amazing if you make it so and are conscious about your actions. Watching

Sex is a good thing for human beings and if done right can make excellent memories. It can lead to powerful orgasms, making you feel better. You become stress free and sleep better. You learn to relax and calm down after a good orgasm. Memorable sexual encounters as an experience can be rare too because, in casual relationships, not everyone is interested in giving. They could be more about taking and getting their own pleasure. But whenever you do find a memorable encounter, it helps you grow as a person and have something to use for self-pleasure later.

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