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RDX Sports: Must-Have Protective Gear For Athletes

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By Anna Richard

Anyone on this planet ever, know that whenever you say sports, you mean there is something going on with the physical efforts. People get hurt in sports. This is why half of the world wants to watch rather than take part in the sports. The undeniable fact is that there is a danger, where there are sports.

To a scraped elbow to fractures or even internal bleeding, athletes are at risk.

Of course, the glory comes which is followed by money and more recognition. But athletes know that if they can’t protect themselves, they won’t be playing again. This is why in the sports world, we have a term called ‘Protective gear’.

Sports injuries are inevitable, but here is a list of all things an athlete must possess to make sure he is protected and safe in whatever sports he is into. If you have suffered an injury while playing sports, a sports injury lawsuit loan could help you get what you deserve.

Gloves: There are countless types of gloves because every sport requires a different pair of gloves. Gloves made for each is designed to protect the athlete’s hands and wrists. The major differences are design, material, size, padding, stitching, and weight etc. For example, the best Boxing gloves would be leather boxing gloves.

Mouth Guard: A mouth guard is exactly what the name says. It protects your mouth. Mouth guards are mostly used in contact sports and they protect the million dollar smiles of many athletes. The best mouth guards are the antibacterial boil and bite mouth guards that come with a decent box and molds itself according to the shape of your teeth.

It then protects you so you don’t end up biting your tongue from shock or by a punch.

Head Guard: Headgears are also called helmets, in some sports. And head guards protect your head from a possible head shock, concussion or even brain damage. Your head is the most important part of your body when it comes to sports.

It coordinates with your body to practice or play any sport. Head guards protect your head from constant shock and hits. Heavily padded head guards provide the best head protection.

Groin Protector: To protect your vitals and to stay in the game, athletes always wear groin guards so they can protect themselves from hits while keeping them comfortable. There are many types of groin guards available in the market, from plastic to metallic and even foam padded groin guards are available.

Chest Guard: They are heavily padded and are to protect your chest region from hits and shocks. It also protects you during training when you are falling or getting hit. The best chest guards are unbreakable, durable and comfortable.

Glasses: Protecting your eyes is one of the first and foremost things. Eyes are very sensitive and even the tiniest of dust particles create chaos for the eye, imagine hits and shocks to the eye. Multiple sports like swimming or skiing asks for goggles or glasses so your eyes are protected from ice and snow. Similarly, extreme sports also require goggles so the eyes are protected from dust.

Shin Guards: They are made to protect the shins of an athlete. Cricket was the first sports to introduce them but now it is a part of many contact sports including ice hockey, lacrosse, Muay-Thai, Boxing etc. they come in the materials of fiberglass, elastic, Polyurethane, metal, and plastic.

Shoes and Socks: Gym shoes are the most used shoes in fitness, but now there are brands which sell sports specific shoes that allow maximum movement with maximum comfort. They also protect your feet from hitting or your toes getting crushed in contact sports.

Hand-wraps: Hand-wraps fall in the deeper protection of the protective gear category. They protect your hands from within the glove. Since the hand has many small and fragile bones, hand-wraps make it easier for your hand to work through the gloves and absorb pressure and shock while performing its best.

The finest hand-wraps are elasticated to ensure easy movement.

All of these and many more sports protective gear exist and their purpose is just one: to protect the athlete so he or she can give their best at what they do. Research online before buying a piece of protective gear and compare things like quality, pricing, design, reviews etc. there are many online websites which provide reviews on protective gear.

So make sure you do good research before buying any.

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