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RDX Sports: Must-Have Protective Gear For Athletes

By Anna Richard Anyone on this planet ever, know that whenever you say sports, you mean there is something going on with the physical efforts. People get hurt in sports. This is why half of the world wants to watch rather than take part in the sports. The undeniable fact is that there is a danger, where there are sports. To a scraped elbow to fractures or even internal bleeding,
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NFL Player Safety And Its Hypocrisy

The NFL has made great strides when it comes to player safety most notably when it comes to quarterbacks and defenseless receivers. Just recently the league has begun to protect players on the defensive side of the football. One example that came into effect for 2013 is that ball-carriers are not allowed to lead with the crown of their helmets and it also applies to tacklers. The rule reads "It is a foul if
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New York Rangers Defensemen Marc Staal Takes Puck To Eye

On February 14th the Vancouver Canucks placed center Manny Malhotra on injured reserved effectively ending his season and tenure with the franchise. It was on the basis that he hasn't recovered fully from an eye injury and risks further injury if he plays. On March 16th, 2011 a puck hit him in the eye and resulted in him needing two surgeries to save his vision. Tonight New York Rangers defensemen Marc Staal had no way of avoiding the puck