For some NBA fan bases this season, the end of the regular season marks the beginning of a whole new season, the playoffs, but for others, it marks the beginning of a new era through the NBA Draft, and one of the most important events of the offseason for those lottery-bound teams and fan bases is the NBA Draft lottery, which takes place on May 15thand takes the bottom 14 teams and assigns the order of the picks based on a lottery system of 14 ping pong balls with different combinations assigned to different teams.

This year, the Phoenix Suns won the so-called “tank race”, posting a record of 21-61 and earning 25% odds at landing the number-one overall pick. They are followed by the Memphis Grizzlies, who own a 19.9% chance of getting the pick, as well as the Dallas Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks, who will have a coin flip on Friday, April 13, to see which team will have the third-best odds.

Here are the odds for all 14 lottery-bound picks, as well as the range of picks that each team can acquire through the lottery (odds provided by Tankathon).

Team (acquiring team) #1 Pick Odds Range of Picks
Phoenix 25% 1-4
Memphis 19.9% 1-5
Dallas (pending coin flip) 13.8% 1-6
Atlanta (pending coin flip) 13.7% 1-7
Orlando 8.8% 1-3, 5-8
Chicago (pending coin flip) 5.3% 1-3, 6-9
Sacramento 5.3% 1-3, 7-10
Brooklyn (to Cleveland) 2.8% 1-3, 8-11
New York 1.7% 1-3, 9-12
LA Lakers (to Philadelphia) 1.1% 1-3, 10-13
Charlotte 0.8% 1-3, 11-14
Detroit (to LA Clippers) 0.7% 1-3, 12-14
LA Clippers 0.6% 1-3, 13-14
Denver 0.5% 1-3, 14

The NBA Draft Lottery will take place on May 15thin Chicago, IL, and will be broadcast on either ESPN or ESPN2.

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