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NBA News: Pat Riley says Chris Bosh playing days are over for Miami Heat

In NBA News, Pat Riley has stated that Chris Bosh’s Miami Heat playing days are officially over during media day when asked if the team will bring the PF back:

“We are not,” Riley said in his office at AmericanAirlines Arena. “I think Chris is still open-minded. But we are not working toward his return”.

Ouch. I sure hope he expressed this to Bosh before he went to the media, but knowing Riley, he did not.

In all fairness, this is the best move for both parties. Bosh has to deal with a serious medical condition that has plagued his career over the last two seasons. The Heat can now look forward to the team they have and will probably look to make a trade to fill the vacancy left by Bosh’s exit.

Bosh will be remembered in Miami for his hard work and dedication but the one thing I will remember him for is his sacrifice. He was the main attraction for the Toronto Raptors before joining the Heatles with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. While most players would scoff at the notion of going from a first option to third, Bosh relished in that role. Bosh managed to help the Heat win two NBA Championships but this offseason he watched as the Dynasty he help build fell apart.

Is this the end of a brilliant career or will Bosh look elsewhere for playing time? It was first reported two weeks ago that he would be cleared to play but last week the Heat doctors gave the media and Bosh a different outcome. Riley, despite being one of the biggest a**** in sports was hit with a major decision that could go wrong either way. To let a player play with a serious health condition may cause the snickers and blame to come if Bosh were to collapse on the court or worse. But if he were to cut Bosh then it would seem that he’s giving up on a player that brought prominence back to Miami.

I’ve said along during this process that Bosh needs to think health first, family second and basketball last. But this is the life of a competitor and it’s hard to just walk away. But with Riley being around when Magic Jonson retired due to A.I.D.S. had this to say:

“Dealing with Magic Johnson and what he went through . . . it’s not easy to be with a player for six years and watch him play and watch him accomplish what he’s accomplished,” Riley said of Bosh. “I can’t imagine what he’s going through.”

I get Riley’s stance on the situation. Bosh was struggling with his future, so Riley being the leader that he is, made it for him.

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