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Boston Celtics Blow Home-Court Advantage, Losing 106-102

If you were to take away anything at all from this game, it should be that just because you are a number 1 seed does not mean that the series is an instant lock.

The Celtics did not take advantage of their home-court, falling to the Bulls 106-102, Jimmy Butler sealing the game away with his free throws in the final seconds. As the Celtics’ home-court games slowly diminish, their future in the playoffs is uncertain.

Earlier this weekend, Isaiah Thomas’ sister fatally died in a car crash, yet Thomas played tonight, and quite frankly had a great game besides the emotional toll it has been taking on him. Thomas went off for 33 points, five rebounds and six assists. Al Horford netted 19 points along with Avery Bradley’s 14 points.

The Bulls, on the other hand, were led by Butler’s 30 point game, making 3 for 5 three-pointers who also scored 23 of 30 points in the second half. Robin Lopez also had 14 points along with Bobby Portis’ 19 points off the bench.

Butler’s efforts in the 4th quarter helped to fend off a Celtic’s rally, leading them to victory. Despite Thomas’ barrage of points and aggressive offense, he came up short. In addition to the overturned out-of-bounds call during the second to last possession.

In case everyone forgot, this is also the same Chicago team who almost missed the playoffs, getting in by a hair with beating the Miami Heat in the tiebreaker. Rather than whimpering by into the first series, the Bulls came to play and showed why they are a competitive, playoff ready team.

If the Bulls can keep this level of play up, they are only a few games away from moving onto the second round.

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