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NBA Rumors: Klay Thompson to Boston

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According to some NBA insiders,there are rumblings of a possible NBA Rumor (trade) that could be in the works in the next several weeks between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics. As first mentioned by Brian Scalabrine on Frank Isola’s SiriusXM radio show that the Warriors may be trading Klay Thompson and he is hearing a rumor that he could be heading to the Boston Celtics for Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder and the right for the Warriors to swap first-round picks with Boston’s pick from the Nets.

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This shouldn’t come as a true surprise to many basketball fans as the Warriors have been talking about clearing up some salary cap when they signed Kevin Durant during the offseason. Also, if this trade were to go through, then it would clearly benefit both squads in more ways than one. On the Warriors side, they could get versatile bench players and could help by giving Curry, Durant, and many of the other starters some rest. This would also help the Warriors later on in the season as they are making a push towards the playoffs and have a healthy starting five.

Unfortunately, there are some teams that are not able to have that because they end up using their starters a lot early on in the season. By doing this, it typically leads to players getting injured and being placed on the shelve for an extended period of times. There are rumblings that the Warriors would go after Nerlens Noel with the pick probably going to the 76ers.

On the other side, this would benefit the Celtics as it will give them a viable perimeter threat help keeps defenses from sagging into the post and open up room for Al Horford to operate. This trade would also benefit the Celtics in the way of making them a sure-fire threat to the Cavaliers. Over the last few years, the Eastern Conference has been seen as a one team conference and if a team like the Celtics is fortunate enough to land someone like Klay, then it could be a huge benefit for a race to the Finals.

This will be interesting to see if Klay ends up being dealt from Golden State because there have been reports of several teams interested in his services, so it will be interesting to see this whole situation unfold.

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