Everyone loves subscription boxes, from LootCrate to OwlCrate, including BarkBox and Ipsy.

But most of those are glorified subscription boxes for one specific type of person or something that peaks an individuals interest, yet I have come to you today to tell you about the newest couples subscription box called DateBox!

Datebox is a monthly subscription box aimed to help couples spice up their date night, instead of the typical “Netflix and Chill” or “Wine and Dine”, those are all nice things, but sometimes you have to do something together and fully interact with each other.

Which is were Datebox steps in and renovates the meaning of date night, with the box typically including one game, a Spotify playlist, some do it yourself snacks, and some quality time with your significant other!

Each box includes a hint in your email a few days before you receive your box about special “ingredients” you will be needing for your box, for example our email requested apples.

Upon receiving your box it is beautifully packaged and with the Datebox logo and the word unity, signifying that this box is for you and your significant other to become united and fall in love all over again. The box includes a game created by the staff of Datebox, which ours was “Escaping the Ship” were you had to solve a series of riddles together to help escape the overrun ship.

Also including in our box was a create your own Caramel Apples, with caramel sauce and popsicle sticks, along with homemade apple cider and create your own Kettle Corn!

After playing the game, and successfully getting the off the ship in the allotted amount of time, we made homemade caramel apples with our own twist of adding toppings and making kettle corn as well. After that we enjoyed our snack while sipping on our apple cider, and enjoyed each other’s company while listening the the Spotify playlist.

I highly suggest this monthly subscription box to all dating or even married couples to rekindle their relationship. I hope you enjoyed this article and you enjoy the Datebox, comment below what you have had or get in your box!

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