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Netflix: Can Mickey and Gus Survive Season Two of Love?


March 4, 2017

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Love was one of the biggest hits of 2016 for Netflix. With Season 2 set to premiere on March 10th, everyone wants to know what’s in store for Mickey and Gus?

Throughout the first season, we see a change in Mickey from a sex-crazed serial dater into a woman that falls head over heels for a guy she met at a convince store. She struggled to admit her feelings for Gus were real. It was really the first time she had felt wanted.


Gus liked Mickey from the moment they met. He spent the entirety of a day sweating out Mickey in the hopes she would text him. However, Gus became distant. His feelings on Mickey changed, as she became a little too close for comfort.

With the two seemingly coming to a decision on their future at the conclusion of season 1, can we expect the romance to live on for the show’s sophomore season?

It’s no secret that both Gus and Mickey have things to work on to make their relationship work. We’ve seen both can be selfish at times. And they need to let go of their past romances and focus on each other.

Gus will have a hard time with Mickey, though, as she still doesn’t seem to know what she wants. We thought she was going to give herself a year to find herself, but Gus quickly convinced her otherwise. Can Gus deal with Mickey’s vices? Is she strong enough to give him the relationship he needs?

That’s the beauty of a show like Love. You hoped that Mickey and Gus end up together. It’s almost as if they were close friends of yours. There were points where I thought it was over for them, and I’ll admit I wasn’t happy about it.

Mickey and Gus are meant to be together. After all, they’ve been through, it’s about time they find happiness with each other. Let’s hope Season 2 brings more of that.

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