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Premature ejaculation is a sexual disorder that approximately one in every three men experiences at some point in their lives. The condition causes the man to ejaculate before he and his partner have been satisfied equally. When this happens, men can feel self-conscious and may even become less interested in having sexual intercourse. Women’s Health Magazine explains that premature ejaculation can cause problems in the sex life of men, as well as their female partner. This can, eventually, also lead to problems in the relationship. They continue to explain that approximately 79% of women who’s partners experience premature ejaculation report that they are not sexually satisfied and that they have a lower sex drive than they had before the condition interfered with their sex lives. The fact that premature ejaculation can have such a significant impact on the lives of men and their partners also mean that it can lead to additional problems. When men feel self-conscious about the fact that they ejaculate too soon, they may not want to participate in sexual activities with their partner anymore. This can also lead to the development of symptoms associated with anxiety disorders, a low self-esteem, and depression. When these factors are not effectively treated, they can lead to more serious problems – depression has been linked to erectile dysfunction and a low sex drive. How Men Are Hiding Premature Ejaculation Since premature ejaculation can cause discomfort and dissatisfaction in a relationship for both partners, men often try to find ways in which they can hide the fact that they are suffering from this sexual disorder. This is especially true when men are intimate with a new sexual partner as they may feel that their new partner would not want to be with them if they are unable to fully satisfy them during sexual intercourse and other sexual activities. Unfortunately, men do not always practice the best techniques to hide premature ejaculation. We are going to discuss some of the most ineffective ways guys tend to hide the fact that they have a problem delaying their ejaculations – if you are doing any of these, try and find an alternative that’s more effective or find methods that will help you prevent early ejaculations.
  1. “I’m too tired for sex.”
One of the most common ways men hides the fact that they have premature ejaculation is by simply saying they are too tired for sex. The problem isn’t the fact that they act tired, but rather when they bring up the excuse. The man will start to participate in intimate activities, such as kissing and touching. As soon as things start to take off, the man might start to think of the fact that he may be unable to thoroughly satisfy his partner as he may ejaculate too soon. This may cause him to become uncomfortable and start to think of excuses, such as saying “I’m too tired for sex.” Not only will this ruin the intimate moment, but it may come across as very suspicious to the other partner involved in the intimate sessions – they may not immediately think that the man has problems with controlling his ejaculations, but may rather think that the man is not interested or are seeing someone else.
  1. The Stop-Start Method
I am Kerner explains on Men’s Health how he used the stop-start method to hide the fact that he has premature ejaculation. He would continuously tell his partner to slow down, to take it easy or to stop for a while. Taking breaks between sexual intercourse sessions seemed like the only way he could control his urge to ejaculate spontaneously. This, however, did not go so well as his partner noticed what was going on and was disappointed by the fact that he used a stop-start method in order to hide the fact that he had a problem with premature ejaculation. He goes on to explain that the stop-start method isn’t the most effective way to try and hide the fact that you cannot control your urge to ejaculate – as he realizes from real-life experience.
  1. Blaming The Other Partner
While some men accept the fact that they are not perfect and take responsibility for their shortcomings, other men would rather hide their flaws by blaming other people for whatever it is that makes them imperfect. Some men who ejaculate too soon uses this technique to hide the fact that they are struggling with premature ejaculation. When they ejaculate before their partner has been satisfied, they would tell their partner that they did something wrong or, to blame the partner without causing an argument, they would tell the partner that they were so “into them” that they couldn’t hold it in.
  1. Pre-Masturbation Sessions
When a man ejaculates, his penis and testicles go into a “recovery” mode, also called the “refractory period.” Several functions related to sexual function shuts down, and the testes need to produce more sperm. This seems like an excellent way to prevent premature ejaculation – masturbate before you are going to participate in sexual intercourse and your body won’t have enough sperm to allow you to ejaculate immediately. While this may be true, you should know that masturbating before sexual intercourse can also cause you to become uninterested in having sexual intercourse and may even lead to an erection that isn’t firm. This could raise the question of “are you developing erectile dysfunction?” or “why aren’t you attracted to me?”. Think twice before you masturbate before you head out to pleasure your partner.
  1. Spark A Conversation
Talking with a partner, even about the smallest things, can be a great way to improve the bond between the two people. This, however, can also be a huge off put during an intimate session. Some men use this fact to their advantage in order to hide the fact that they have premature ejaculation. When an intimate session starts out and they start to feel self-conscious about the fact that they may ejaculate soon, they may find ways to spark a conversation that will interest both of them. This can spoil the entire moment and, when a guy does this continuously, may even start to seem suspicious. Conclusion While premature ejaculation can cause problems in a relationship and a man’s sex life, it is important to know that many people suffer from this sexual disorder. Trying to hide the fact that you do not have control over your ejaculations may not be a wise idea, as the truth is often the best option. Talking to a partner may help you overcome your self-consciousness and may even lead to some adjustments that will benefit both of you. If you feel uncomfortable talking about your problem, try to find a solution to help delay your ejaculations. Combining a healthy diet, regular exercise and a male performance support supplement, such as Test X180, could be a great way to deal with such a problem. References:

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2 Replies to “Never Do These Things If You Are Trying To Hide Your Premature Ejaculation”

  1. Thanks for this very imformative article.
    I suffered from PE for years myself. I learned that the only want to permanately end PE is to gain control over your ejaculatory reflex to allow yourself to hold your ejaculation as long as you desire.
    I will leave a link to a page that teaches exactly how to do this… Let me know if it helps you!

  2. I have a huge problem with PE and can’t last more than a minute, if that. Very depressing and my wife is not happy, but understanding. I hate that she has to be “understanding”. Makes me feel worse. I tried SSRIs and hate the way they made me feel, exercises did nothing significant. I heard about Promescent spray and it helped me a lot. It’s kinda pricey, but I can go for about five minutes now. That is priceless cause I have more confidence, which I really think is half the battle. I felt bad about going too fast, so that made me go even faster, or not get up at all. Now that I know I can last for a while, I feel better and can relax more. She is much happier now too.

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