In the pool of cloud-computing, Amazon-Web-Services (A-W-S) is integrating as the foremost platform of the cloud in the world as well as offers countless assets. The certs of A-W-S determine the skill required to plan then accomplish computer-software resolutions on the hugely popular cloud forum of Amazon. As more and more companies are transitioning from cloud services indoors to reap benefits such as lower charges plus greater competency are supposed to take advantage of various business opportunities.

3-New AWS Examinations: Analytics, Database and Architect

A-W-S recently introduced new tests for three certifications. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Updated version of Associate, AWS Certified Big Data – Expert has been updated and renamed, and AWS Certified Database – Expertise is a brand new certification! All three AWS certifications are no longer in beta – and students can try new exams as soon as they start. Here’s a brief overview of the new exams and what you need to know before passing them.

AWS Certified Data Analytics

AWS Certified Big Data – The specialty not only received an update on the talent competition, but also a name changes for AWS Certified Data Analytics – Expertise. The title change shows the development of the industry. In the case of big data, the emphasis is on enforcement procedures so that companies can collect large amounts of information. These processes are now fairly well understood, so they want to take the next step and use analytical knowledge to increase competitiveness. This test also requires extensive technical experience.

Applicants must have at least five years of experience with current data analysis technology and at least two years of practical experience in AWS services.  They need to know how to use AWS services to design, build, secure and maintain diagnostic solutions. The examination tests the candidate’s ability to define AWS data analytics services and understands how they relate to one another. Businesses are interested in data security, so they need to implement good data management and compliance monitoring. As the amount of data grows rapidly, companies are struggling to find enough qualified people to track it.

AWS Certified Database

The second certificate is the AWS Certified Database; this new certification is intended for the company’s IT team of technicians. The amount of data is exploding. As capacity increases, data planning and management have become a complex and important role for information teams. AWS Certified Database – for the people who manage the database management system. As this course falls deep into the technical depth of it, a candidate must have at least five years of combined experience in database technology and at least two years of experience in working with AWS products. In addition, the student must have experience working with data-related databases and on-site No-SQL and AWS Cloud. This confirmation confirms the person’s ability to:

  • Design of database solutions for performance, management alignment and high flexibility

  • Registration and confirmation of data transfer

  • Define applicable requirements, tasks and processes

  • Offline backups and recovery methods

  • Improve database performance

  • Troubleshoot and resolve common database problems

Thorough knowledge of the project enables these teams to compare the costs and capabilities of different database solutions; use new automation tools to streamline business processes. Set up strong disaster recovery and management methods to protect your information and secure access to your business. Companies value employees with these skills and are usually paid a six-figure number. In addition, AWS has put a lot of effort into the market and has proven successful with its services. Because AWS is a beginner in this space, many companies lack the AWS experience.

AWS Certified Solutions-Architect

This is an introductory phase of architecture. System architects develop plans that companies use to create new applications or improve existing ones. Associate candidates will need at least years of practical experience in designing scalable, secure AWS systems. They also need to have a broad, but not necessarily deep, understanding of how this service works. Knowing the AWS capabilities of computers, networking, storage and database allows them to choose the right solutions as their employers create new applications.

Applicants should also be familiar with AWS best practices and be able to integrate them into development projects. Today, security is required in all applications, so applicants must be able to make good decisions. Working with an AWS-certified solution architect – IT certification should connect the individual’s perspective with the company’s AWS team – and allow them to take on more design challenges as they move forward.

Preparing for the New AWS Papers

AWS works with third-party testing and certification companies to develop course plans. The first versions are in English only, but others will be added by the vendor over time. Tests are available in different formats (web, real-time, mixed, etc.), at different times and at different prices. Candidates choose the options that best suit their plan and portfolio. In a fast-moving as well as the advancing technology world, change is constantly happening, and it becomes an architect – an associate of AWS certified solutions; AWS Certified Database; and AWS Certified Data Analysis. Applicants must therefore prepare.

AWS Certifications – Advantages

Following are the benefits of the AWS certifications:

  • Assess the world-class cloud computing skills and knowledge.

  • Regularly listed as one of the most profitable IT applications in the world.

  • Get more interviews for potential cloud professionals and higher salaries when hiring.

  • Recognized throughout the industry as a well thought out and reliable technical benchmark.

  • Demonstrate your credibility and loyalty to a career as a cloud expert.

2020 AWS Certifications: Are They Worthy?

In the wider world of education and employment, talents do not always match skills, but does this apply when you talk about AWS qualifications? In terms of hiring technical talent, there seems to be an endless debate about the value of IT training and whether or not it represents technical talent. For all accounts, AWS tests and certificates coming from them are the real deal; According to research, AWS certified individuals earn an average salary of 125,555 dollars.

AWS certifications are a path that you really want to trust in your position as an ecosystem expert and see that your revenue potential is really increasing. Internationally recognized cloud certifications validate AWS skills worldwide and offer invaluable offers to potential employers: peace of mind. In addition, AWS-certified professionals are actually less productive and turn out to be faster to repair than their counterparts, allowing for a smoother ride compared to day-to-day workflows. Certified professionals are very demanding and hardly competitive in the market as technology. QuickStart is a certified partner of AWS and you can enroll to get AWS certification training from QuickStart to prepare and pass the exam.


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