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New Ray Rice Video Causes Dilemma For The NFL, Baltimore Ravens

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The newest revelation in the Ray Rice saga has put the NFL and Baltimore Ravens on the defensive again.

Earlier today a video got released showing what happened between Rice and this then fiancée, now wife Janay Palmer. Simply put, it wasn’t pretty. The NFL had already suspended the Ravens running back for the first two games of the season for what transpired. Yet, the light punishment caused an immediate backlash from its fans and non-fans alike, which forced commissioner Roger Goodell to implement a new policy when it comes to domestic violence, the first offense is now a six game suspension and a second offense becomes a lifetime ban.

It didn’t take the Ravens long to terminate Rice’s contract. If the team had kept him on the roster a number of current and former players took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the situation.


After getting released Rice got suspended indefinitely. It’s appears that his NFL career is likely over, which is surprising considering that Leonard Little, Donte Stallworth and Josh Brent were involved in DUIs crashes that took the life of another.

It seems that NFL players draw the line at physically assaulting a woman.

The NFL’s only hope is to provide proof that the organization didn’t get the opportunity to view the tape otherwise those involved in the discipline process including Goodell will get forced to resign. Of course the Ravens could have prevented this from becoming a major story if the team had come down hard on their running back with a lengthy suspension as Rice reportedly described in detail and didn’t “sugar coat” what happened in the elevator.

Meaning that even with the video being brought to light it wouldn’t have been as big of an issue if the Ravens instead suspended for a minimum of eight games, still it didn’t happen.


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