Growing up in the Uptown Manhattan and The Bronx Area, DJ J Star was exposed to the musical culture of New York and the extravagant nightlife. What makes him different from most DJs is the fact that he is an audio engineering graduate and has worked at radio stations such as Iheart Radio, 103.5 KTU, and Hot 97. He joins us for a question and answers session today.

What’s your favorite music genre and why?

My favorite music genre would be the house for now. I am working with this a lot lately as it is very hot in nightclubs these days. People love to dance to house mixes of their favorite music. I won’t say that I don’t like other genres because my style is a mix of different genres such as Salsa, Hip Hop, Rock, Merengue, and others.

Name One thing you love about DJ’ing?

The thing I love most is the potential for growth in this field. If you are talented and make your presence in the community felt, there are endless opportunities for you. I myself have corporate clients that I really enjoy working with. These are Adidas, Nike, Coors Light, and others. I might be sounding a little too professional and unlike a DJ. It does not mean that I don’t love making people dance to my music at nightclubs.

Name One Thing You Hate About DJ’ing?

Now, this is a question I would really like to answer. What I hate about DJ’ing is the social stigma that many people still associate with it. A lot of people think of DJs as junkies and alcoholics with no proper careers or goals in life. I won’t say that there are not a few people that live like this but most of us are professionals with work ethics. Many people who meet me for the first time get surprised when I tell them that I do a weekly show on Pitbull’s Sirius XM CH. 13. I don’t know why they expect that I only hustle in between gigs and do nothing substantial with my life.

Which city has better nightlife, Miami or New York City?

This one’s easy for me to answer. It might seem that I am biased but I’m not, but New York City actually has the best nightlife in the world. I mean just take a look at the clubs and the people who party there. It is also home to a diverse population and all of them bring what they are best at to the party. Miami is no less of a party place but it’s not better than NYC. I remember some very unforgettable beach and yacht parties we did in 305.

How has the graduate’s degree helped you in DJ’ing?

It has helped my career more than my DJ’ing skills. This way I have a lot to show on my resume and it helps me land good opportunities such as jobs and corporate deals. People also take me much seriously because of the degree because they know I mean business.

You can listen to his weekly show on Sirius XM CH.13 and his mixes on Mixcloud.

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