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New York Giants free agent targets
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New York Giants: Possible Free Agent Targets of 2017

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The New York Giants did not end their season on a high note, however, their season went far better than expected. The Giants’ defense stepped up to one of the best defenses in the league, allowing for New York to finish games – which was a major issue for them during the 2015 season. Thankfully, they only have two players who will need to be resigned: Jason Pierre-Paul and Jonathan Hankins.


Those two players will need a significant pay raise in order for them to stay in New York. Because of this, it could result in other teams trying to pick them up if the Giants aren’t willing to give them enough money. If worst comes to worst, and the Giants aren’t able to keep either of them, have no fear because the free agency is here!

Ricky Wagner, OT, Baltimore Ravens

This season, Marshall Newhouse was the Giants’ best bet at right tackle despite being injured for a majority of the time. He is now an unrestricted free agent, so if the New York Giants were smart they would start looking for a replacement. Wagner’s play style can be inconsistent at times, but he did rank in the top 20 of all tackles. Since the demand for tackles this offseason is high, it’ll be tough to snag Wagner if that’s the direction the Giants want to go, so they may need to explore other options.

Martellus Bennett, TE, New England Patriots

The Giants definitely lack a consistent offense despite the efforts of Odell Beckham Jr. and rookie Sterling Shepard. Bennett would prove to be a great asset to the New York Giants, however, the Patriots won’t let him go without a fight. Bennett greatly filled the hole Rob Gronkowski left, and then some. During Bennett’s season with the Giants, he caught 55 passes for 626 yards and five touchdowns while being led by Eli Manning. He will be one of the most desirable tight ends on the market while making him semi-cheap because of his older age.

Melvin Ingram, DE, Los Angeles Chargers

Ingram had a breakout season with the Chargers during his fifth season in the league. The former first-round pick is now an unrestricted free agent coming into the 2017 season. Last season, Ingram finished with eight sacks on the year, although that number doesn’t do him justice. His run defense and pass rushing skills are admirable and highly desired. He would serve as a worthy replacement for Jason Pierre-Paul, while also being considerably younger.


Kawaan Short, DT, Carolina Panthers

For all four years of his career, Short played above averagely, finishing his 2015 season with 11 sacks, which is a pretty big number for a defensive tackle. He would give New York much-needed pressure up the middle, which the Giants greatly lacked in 2016. Short would be an upgrade if he were to replace Hankins, whose performance suffered a considerably drop starting last season. Short may be more expensive, but he is better.

Andrew Whitworth, OT, Cincinnati Bengals

For his entire NFL career, Whitworth’s abilities never faltered and was a symbol of excellence when it comes to left tackle. Towards the end of the Bengal’s season, they dabbled with some younger tackles over Whitworth, which could mean they are ready to let him go. The 34-year-old may not be as desirable because of his age, however, that is good for the New York Giants considering they would be able to snag him for cheap. Ereck Flowers has been extremely underwhelming, and even incompetent to say the least. Flowers hasn’t even been able to put a hand on his rusher, causing Manning to scramble way more than he should have. Whitworth, or any left tackle at this point, would be an upgrade.

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