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New York Jets must avoid Deshaun Watson, Jay Cutler and Tony Romo


November 15, 2016

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The New York Jets are headed for a high pick come the 2017 NFL Draft. How high, we don’t know yet. Their current QB situation is a mess and the only way out of it is prayer. As it stands now, they have Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg signed but they will lose Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Jets aren’t forced to let them walk but why bother signing either?

The Jets will head into the offseason looking for a QB of the future. And with a high pick they will have their shot. But, which direction will they lean? Scouts will have Clemson’s Deshaun Watson high on the draft board but depending where the Jets fall they may miss out on him. Currently, they are 3-7 with Cleveland, San Francisco, Chicago and Jacksonville ahead of them for the top pick. If the Jets were to continue to lose out they will be in a tough spot.

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The Jets are built to win now and there are no Carson Wentz or Dak Prescott’s on the horizon. Watson is good and may be a star but do the Jets have the patience to ride a rookie QB with the current crop of veterans they have in the prime of their careers? How will Brandon Marshall and Erick Decker respond of lost fumbles or ill-advised interceptions late in games? Or Watson taking off and running when he has an open receiver? These are things the Jets must ponder when it comes selection time.

The Jets have other options. They can always hit the free agent market or trade for a starter. But the FA class is just as worse than what they currently have. Kirk Cousins will re-up with the Redskins, leaving guys like Blain Gabbert and a bunch of other bums available. What the Jets can do is make a trade for a veteran signal caller but they must be careful as there is still fools gold out there.

Jay Cutler will be on the market but what will bring him in do for the team. Cutler is not the worst QB in the league but he has issues that may be beyond fixing. He and Marshall and Matt Forte have had success together in the past but there are some lingering issues there as well. Can the Jets afford to have a divided locker room? There is the Tony Romo possibility, but that’s like renting a limo from 1987 and driving it around Manhattan trying to floss. It just won’t blend in with the rest and might break down or stall at a red light.

So, what are the Jets to do? Take a risk on a rookie, pray their current QB’s mature or pay for a trade?

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