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New York Jets, Ryan Fitzpatrick end standoff

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The Fitzpatrick drama has finally come to an end for right now. Reports came out on Wednesday that the New York Jets and QB Ryan Fitzpatrick have agreed to a one-year deal worth 12 million. Many people within the New York sports field are saying that basically, Fitzpatrick ended the longest standoff. In his first season with the New York Jets, he had a career year as he threw for 31 Tds, 3,905 Passing Yards, and had a QBR of 63.63.

When the news broke earlier this evening, I was looking across the social media landscape as to the reaction of Jets fans. It was a mix reaction; some were not surprised, and others were surprised. To the Jets fans who were surprised, I ask you one simple question, Why? It was inevitable that this was going to happen. The Jets were not going to have Geno start this year or Bryce Petty. It was a matter of time before this deal happened. What should be noted has he signed a one-year deal, so unless the Jets resign during the season they will be right back in this case next summer. I give Fitzpatrick a ton of credit as far being able to troll Jets fans.

I am curious to see if he can have the same numbers he did last season to make the months of waiting worth it. I happen to listen to NY sports radio a lot and the moment Fitzpatrick loses his magic, Jets fans are going to be in a pissed off mood. But overall, right now Jets fans should not be surprised that this drama finally came to an end. Just move on and look forward to the season.

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