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It is an unfortunate year for New York Jet fans, as many want a winning season, but regime runners Mike McCaggan and Todd Bowles look to reboot the system and give it a rookie overhaul.

Now while this seems like a good idea to management, with a win hungry now fan base, it could be a nightmare. When the New York Jets released Darrelle Revis and Brandon Marshall, Jet fans started scratching their heads and wondering what in the world was going on.

But knowing that the New England regime could be coming to an end eventually, better to build a team from scratch and allow rookies or younger players to get their stripes, instead of signing a big contract with a player who could be retiring after their contract or just playing for the money and not the win.

With that being said, it is time to allow Jets quarterback Bryce Petty to take the reigns of the team and secure the leadership role for years to come.

Looking at his previous year, subtracting the injuries from an absent offensive line, and dropped catches from a receiver who gave up (Brandon Marshall), Petty did very well for his first start, better than most of the rookie quarterbacks who started last year.

But now with a half of a year under his belt, and having a whole summer to be able to practice with the first team, I believe it will be his time to shine. While the team is in rebuilding mode, a couple wins under his belt will boost the confidence of him, and the rookies around him.

Now let’s get down to the “Hack” of the problem. With the new addition of Josh McCown and the rookie from last year Christian Hackenberg, a lot of people would say to win now that the Jets should start but if the Jets really want to embrace the rebuild mentality, to start Hackenberg.

I say neither, just because the Jets brought in the veteran Josh McCown does not mean he is starting, he is primarily for back up and to help steer Petty into the right direction, while he mentors Hackenberg to help learn for the future or potential trade bait. Neither of these quarterback should be the favorite to start for the New York Jets.

Now, determining who the quarterback will be for the team is extremely important, with recent trouble from wideout Robby Anderson, the Jets need to establish a leader for the young team immediately, while the defense has obtained a new leader, Jamal Adams, to take over the role from David Harris, the Jets now will be able to have Petty take over the previous role from Nick Mangold.

Petty could be the vocal leader for this team that has been missing for a multitude of years and he could bring the team morale together, while making sure his teammates stay out of trouble.

All of these reason make for a great case, honestly the only case, for the New York Jets starting job.

While all the pieces are falling in order, and the new regime states that the quarterback position is an open competition, they should already have it determined that Petty will lead the New York Jets to more wins than the Jets had the previous year.

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