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New York Knicks: Are they struggling, or is this reality?


November 23, 2016

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How can one begin to describe the New York Knicks this season? Are they a team that’s still going through a learning curve? No. They are not the Los Angeles Lakers. Are they dealing with the pressure of playing in a city that wants a championship, and may be pressing the issue too hard? No. This is a veteran-led team.

Then what’s the problem?

It’s easy to point at their lack of chemistry as they have three new players in the starting rotation but, that’s no excuse either. If this were Minnesota Timberwolves or the Brooklyn Nets then yes. But the Knicks were put together to win and to win now. Despite reports, the Eastern Conference is still open as the Cleveland Cavaliers will begin to slow down a bit as the season progresses.

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Any team that features Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony and Kristapas Porzingis should not be stumbling out the gate at 7-7. There are issues on the floor and in the management office. There is little to no ball movement as their best distributor is a bench player that averages 20 minutes per. Anthony himself has struggled as so has KP but the man that must turn this season around looks as lost as Stevie Wonder at a laser tag game. Joakim Noah will become the heart of this team. He’s the defensive stopper and emotional leader that the Knicks have ben search  for sine Patrick Ewing’s departure. If Noah can provide a spark, there is no telling how far the Knicks can ride that.

With the season, not a full month in yet, is this what we should expect from the Knicks?

A team with offense weapons galore but yet rank only 25th in the league is scoring. We can put the pressure on Anthony but when will he get the help he deserves? KP was looked upon to be an All-Star this season as he has played great but only in spurts. The season is still young. The team is learning and the coach is still processing everything as a whole.

The Knicks cannot afford any mistakes as they are only three games from being at the bottom of the Conference. That’s how thin the line is between average and mediocre.

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