New York Mets: David Wright should retire after receiving bad news

David Wright New York Mets
David Wright - 3rd Base, New York Mets

As the 2017 MLB season continues to spiral out of control for the New York Mets, they continue to be getting bad news. According to, David Wright is being shut down for the foreseeable future from any throwing activity. He has yet to play on the field for the 2017 season. In fact, he is still recovering from his injuries in 2016.

Since this news ended up breaking a few days ago, it got me thinking about Wright’s future. As of now and since it seems that he won’t be the same player that came up in 2004, I feel that it is time for him to retire. Since Wright is still under contract with the Mets organization, they are still paying him to basically sit at home. However, when the Mets re-signed Wright to a seven- year deal worth $138 million, they put a clause in that if he misses 60 days that they are able to recoup 75% of his salary for that season.

If I were the Mets and David Wright, I would figure out some way to end his career. Let alone be on the Mets payroll anymore. In addition, he is essentially holding the Mets hostage. Especially, when it comes to them looking for someone to trade for or possibly sign.

When he came up in 2004, scouts were touting him as being the next big thing for the Mets. In the early stages of his career, he did contribute greatly to the team. Then a few years ago was when it started to go downhill. He hasn’t been the same since 2013 which is not good at all. As the “face of the Mets,” you are usually expected to be one of the biggest contributors. Unfortunately, Wright has not been that in the last few years.

I have no way else to put this, however, in order for the New York Mets to find some success at 3rd base for the long haul, they need to not have Wright still there and on the roster.



      1. Maybe this guy should write some articles denying climate change. I’m pretty sure the mets have insurance on Wrights contract, meaning that they are better off with him off the field than on the field if he was sucking. I’m not a sportswriter so I won’t pretend to know the details of the insurance agreement the mets have, but if I was I would understand those details before publishing an article. Oh wait this isn’t published, this is glorified blog. Journalism is dead.

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