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When teams place the franchise tag on a player it gives them exclusive negotiating rights. However, the NFL places a time-table on those negotiations. The deadline for these negotiations in July 15th at 4pm EST. With that deadline looming, we play a little game of deal or no deal. Will your favorite player get a deal done? Justin Tucker K – Baltimore Ravens Tucker was the first of the 2016 franchise tag recipients. His tag value is worth $4.5 million. It is believed that Tucker is looking to become the highest paid kicker in the league. He has a valid argument given his success at the position. This is not a pressing issue for the Ravens. They would be content with Tucker playing on the 1 year tag. If Tucker is not looking to become the highest paid kicker then a deal should be reachable. Deal or No Deal? Deal! Update: The Ravens have lowered their offer on a long-term deal. The new offer would pay Tucker lower than K Mason Crosby. Tucker has said he will not re-sign in 2017 if a deal is not reached by Friday’s deadline. Trumaine Johnson CB – Los Angeles Rams Johnson was “the chosen one” when it came to the franchise tag. Both the Rams CBs were destined for a tag. The Rams opted to give Johnson the tag over Janoris Jenkins. The tag value for a CB is $13.9 million. I believe that the Rams are in prove it mode with Johnson. They would like to see if he can be a true #1 CB without the services of Jenkins on the other side. That being said it is going to be tough to get a deal done by the deadline. Deal or No Deal? No Deal! Alshon Jeffery WR – Chicago Bears. Jeffery has been plagued by injuries early in his career. However, with lack of production at the position the Bears had no choice but to place the franchise tag on Jeffery. His tag value is $14.6 million. This is another prove it situation. The Bears would like to see if Jeffery can stay healthy before shelling out big dollars. Deal or No Deal? No Deal! Muhammad Wilkerson DE – New York Jets. The relationship between Wilkerson and the Jets has become somewhat foggy. The Jets have set their value that the believe Wilkerson is worth. His tag value is $15.7 million.The Philadelphia Eagles signing of Fletcher Cox does help the Jets in any way. Wilkerson believes his deal should be north of that. Neither side will budge. Deal or No Deal? No Deal! Eric Berry S – Kansas City Chiefs Berry has everything going for him. He was Comeback Player of the Year after fighting off cancer. He was named ESPY Comeback Athlete of the Year. It is believed that Berry is looking for similar numbers to the Vikings Harrison Smith. The tag value is $10.8 million. Berry has expressed his displeasure with the talk. Despite the lack of talks a deal could be reached. The Chiefs were able to reach a deal with Justin Houston last year around the same time. Deal or No Deal! Deal! Kirk Cousins QB – Washington Redskins Cousins and the Redskins are an intriguing situation. For Cousins, the franchise tag is all good and dandy. He received a 3000% raise by signing his 1 yr tender. However, for the Redskins, a long-term deal would be ideal at this time. If they allow Cousins to play under the 1 year tag of $19.9 million and he performs as well as last season the contract only gets richer. This is what Cousins is banking on. There are some feelings that the Redskins are banking on this too. Something tells me, aside from all other reports, that a deal will get done. Deal or No Deal? Deal! Von Miller LB – Denver Broncos. Miller and the Broncos are at stalemate over guaranteed money. The structure of the contract, as far as length and total money have been agreed upon. It is the guaranteed money that is the issue at hand. At first, the Broncos were not paying out the guarantee fast enough. They wanted to pay it out in March of 2018. The Broncos have since moved that date and also increased the value. It is now $61 Million paid out by March of 2017. The question now is how far apart are the 2 sides. Some say that Miller is looking for somewhere in the range of $70 million guaranteed. Miller wants to be a Bronco for life and the Broncos want Miller for life. Look for this to get done! Deal or No Deal? Deal! Update: Von Miller and Broncos make significant progress. Guarantees over $70 million. This deal could move fast! Is your favorite player on this list? Are they at an impasse with the franchise over their worth? If not, feel good about that. If so, hope that something can be done come the 11th hour. The clock is ticking.

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