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NFL: New Browns Alternate Uniforms Leaked?

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With their much-anticipated new uniforms set to be unveiled April 14th, the Cleveland Browns may already be off to a less-than-inspiring start.

In what appears to be a close resemblance to one of the rumored tops, images of a possible orange Browns uniform surfaced on Twitter late Friday evening.

(Image courtesy of  Jeff Spiegel (@JSpiegel2) via Twitter.)
(Image courtesy of
Jeff Spiegel (@JSpiegel2) via Twitter.)

In what appears to be a warehouse of some sorts, the bright orange uniforms sport the new “brighter orange” in the recently updated logo that was released to much backlash across Dawg Pound Nation.

If you look closely, you can see the words, “Dawg Pound” embroidered on the neck collar—which is a trademark that Nike generally does with a lot of its apparel. In what may be a first in NFL history, you see the word “Cleveland” in bold letter across the front of the jersey in the same font used in the newly unveiled logo.

Again, this is just pure speculation at this point, and until something is confirmed out of Berea, please take this as a proverbial grain of salt.

(Peter Casey/USA Today)
(Peter Casey/USA Today)

In an effort to channel my inner fashionista and sports uniform aficionado, these alleged new Browns alternate uniforms are sadly uninspired and look like a weak attempt at burrowing from the Virginia Tech Hokies and something you would find in the discount rack of your neighborhood Walmart.

If you are a Browns fan, you are praying to the patron saints of Frank Ryan, Bernie Kosar and Brian Sipe that these are not the uniforms that your beloved football team is going to make you suffer thru watching—in what will likely be a forgettable year.

After months of build-up and anticipation, if this is what the Browns consider “cutting-edge”, sadly, they have come up painfully short.

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