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NFL Power Rankings: Pats Still The Team To Beat!

Halfway through the season for many of the National Football League teams. The season has been pretty crazy with no team that has shown that they are the best in the league. There are still winless teams, and looking ahead at the schedule, there may not be a hope in sight for those two winless teams. The NFL Power Rankings are an ever changing topic, but let’s take a look at the Week 8 NFL Power Rankings.

1. Patriots — To be the best, you have to beat the best. Sure, the Chiefs already did that – but status quo, a rematch would be quite interesting, and probably not what KC wants.

2. Chiefs — The Chiefs offense was a mess on Monday Night – but the defense and the kicking game won a big rivalry game over the Broncos.

3. Eagles — Carson Wentz is getting the job done. What this team is going to be regularly at running back may be the biggest question.

4. Steelers — Pittsburgh is running away with the AFC North. Look for the Steelers to keep getting better as the season moves to cold weather.

5. Vikings — Minnesota is quietly putting together a solid season. Starting slow against the Browns had many wondering, but they are doing many things well.

6. Rams — The Rams are back after the postseason, and this team has a good chance to be one of the favorites in the NFC. Todd Gurley is putting up sensational numbers to start the 2017 season.

7. Saints — The Saints did not make it look pretty – but they got the job done in a win over the Bears. This team has now won five straight games.

8. Seahawks — The Seahawks did not win their normal way, but at this point – a win is a win. Can Seattle fix their defensive woes?

9. Bills — Buffalo just quietly keeps winning. Some of the wins that the Bills have on the resume are fairly impressive. Can Buffalo avoid the Thursday Night trap?

10. Cowboys — No Zeke for the next six games is a massive blow. It comes right when he and the Cowboys seem to be playing their best football.

11. Jaguars — Jacksonville had their bye week, and are now ready to make a serious run at the AFC South Division.

12. Texans — Houston was the tough luck loser in Week 8. The Texans got into a shoot-out on the road in Seattle, and finished on the wrong end. Is Will Fuller legit?

13. Falcons — Atlanta needed a win, and Atlanta got the win. The Falcons are still in a decent spot in the divisional standings, and definitely for a wildcard spot.

14. Panthers — Carolina picked up a big divisional win. Much like Atlanta, they needed the win, to stay in striking distance of the 5-2 Saints.

15. Titans — The Titans are the quiet team in the league. After the bye week, can the Titans be a team that is legit contender in the AFC?

16. Packers — The Packers are hoping Brett Hundley is ready, at least more ready than he was when he came in for Aaron Rodgers in the loss.

17. Lions — The Lions just could not get into the end zone in the loss to the Steelers. Detroit’s going to have to snap their streak this week, or they could be too far out.

18. Bengals — The Bengals picked up a much needed win. Cincinnati will hopefully get Joe Mixon going as the second half approaches.

19. Chargers — Phillip Rivers had a chance late against New England, but in the end they came up short.

20. Ravens — The Ravens may be without Joe Flacco. While he has not been great, he is better than a back up.

21. Dolphins — What a terrible performance by the Dolphins. This team is hard to figure out out of the AFC North.

22. Jets — The Jets are still in the bottom third of the league, but many have been impressed with their play.

23. Redskins — Kirk Cousins wants out of Washington, and the Redskins do not appear to be heading back to the postseason. This may get good.

24. Broncos — Denver just has no offense whatsoever. Who is more mad, Vance Joseph of the Broncos defense?

25. Raiders — Derek Carr is still not healthy, and that was obvious in the loss. Oakland, who made the postseason last season, appear to be failing to get back

26. Bears — John Fox is on the hot seat in Chicago? Good news for the Bears is- Mitchell Trubisky looks like he belongs in the league.

27. Cardinals — No Carson Palmer now in Arizona along with no David Johnson. This seems like it’s a chalk it up as a terrible season and move on.

28. Buccaneers — Has their been a bigger disappointment in 2017 than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and more specifically Jameis Winston?

29. Giants — The Giants are a team that will be able to beat good teams, but do they want to? This roster is a complete mess, especially at the wide receiver position.

30. Colts — The Colts are now in line to be a Top 5 pick, there is absolutely NO WAY you want to bring back Andrew Luck now. Rest up young man.

31. 49ers — Well, now the 49ers have a no quarterback for the future. The 49ers passing game, along with much of their team has been a complete dumpster fire all season long.

32. Browns — This team is god awful. Some thought maybe they would have a chance to go millions and billions of miles away and win – but NO.

In the end – the Patriots are the best team in the league. Yes, Kansas City beat them earlier in the season, and in fact, the Eagles only have 1 loss – the champs are the team to beat. At the bottom – you can’t get much worse than the 49ers and the Browns. Have a great week, and hope you enjoy Week 9 in the National Football League season.

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