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Welcome to the Rundown! Today, Nick and I take a look at last night’s games and make our picks for the Halloween night games.

Celtics 108-Spurs 94:

Nick Billions: Celtics continue their winning ways as the are able to knock off the Spurs. I think it’s important to note that LaMarcus Aldridge had just 11 points. He’s been averaging 28 on the season so far.

Craig Brallier: These are the nights where it’s obvious how much this Spurs team needs Kawhi Leonard. They need somebody to have a big game to counteract Kyrie Irving’s big game. Without Leonard, and with Aldridge having a tough night, that really hurts their chances of winning. Good win for Boston, who are having an awesome start to the season, despite losing Gordon Hayward at the start of the season. Irving has already proven his worth as the leader of this team.


Timberwolves 125- Heat 122

NB: This was a close one as it goes into Overtime. Teague took over in OT, ending the game with a double-double. Towns also has a double-double. Waiters has himself a game with 33 points, The rookie, Adebayo has double-double in loss.

CB: When Andrew Wiggins is getting shots, and making it to the line, this team will win. That’s all there is to it. Sure, Towns and Butler are important pieces to the puzzle, but making sure Wiggins gets his shots is what it comes down to to me. Solid effort from Dion Waiters, who continues to try and prove he’s a star in this league (not yet buddy.) This was one of the more exciting games of the night, coming down to the last shot of the game, but in the end the Wolves pulled through.


Knicks 116- Nuggets 110

NB: Knicks hold out for win backed by big game from Porzingis, as he has 38. O’Quinn has double-double. Jokic scores 28, and younger Nuggets continue to show their potential.

CB: The sad thing is, Kristaps Porzingis has to have those 38 point games, not only for this team to win, but to only win by single digits. Aside from Porzingis this Knicks team seems to be hopeless. Tough game for Denver and Paul Millsap who shot 2-13 from the field. If he would’ve had a better game, the Nuggets would’ve pulled through.


76ers 115- Rockets 107

NB: Simmons and Embiid dominate in win. The Sixers have good team play and distribute the ball well. Harden and Gordon have solid games in the loss.

CB: I’m going to brag on Ben Simmons they way everyone else brags on LeBron. He has made such a big difference on this team, and him and Joel Embiid compliment each other very well. Great win, even without Reddick and Fulz.


Hornets 104- Grizzlies 99

NB: Walker leads the way in the win. Able to outscore the Grizzlies in the 4th.

CB: Silid game from Malik Monk off of the bench. Dwight Howard had a bad game, but it wasn’t enough to derail them.


Magic 115- Pelicans 99

NB: Davis goes 39-10, but it’s not enough to hold off the Magic. Orlando is off to a great start to the season, on of their best in years

CB: Orlando shocked me in this one. Solid team effort. Shows you that Boogie and AD can’t do it alone. Excellent game for Orlando.


Jazz 104- Mavericks 89

NB: Hood had 25 points and led the way to the win. Mavericks are off to a poor start to this season. Struggles continue from last season. The potential is there, but they can’t seem to put it together.

CB: 100% agree. Imagine if this team could’ve nabbed DeAndre Jordan. But, they just can’t seem to figure it out. Love the game from Rodney Hood, who is my pick for Most Imrpoved Player this season. As he tries to keep the Jazz room falling off after losing Gordon Hayward.


Raptors 99- Trailblazers 85

NB: Anytime you hold a to six points in a quarter, you set your team up for success, which is exactly what the Raptors did. DeRozan continues to lead the team. Damian Lillard had 36 in the loss.

CB: Portland struggled so badly last night. I thought this was going to be the best game of the night and it let me down. Solid job from DeRozan and the Raptors to keep the Blazers from coming back.


Warriors 141- Clippers 113

NB: Warriors starting unit leads them to victory. I feel like this was a big victory for the Warriors as they have had their struggles so far. Gallinari leads the way for the Clippers.

CB: Gallinari was lights out, but Curry and the Warriors finally seemed to get things going last night. Solid team basketball, which is why we love this Warriors team. Clippers just couldn’t hang.


Player of the game:

NB: I have to go with Steph Curry. Anytime you score 30+ while having as good of a night from the field as he had, you deserve it.

CB: I have to agree. Curry was awesome; his entire skill set was on display, me it led to victory.




NB: Pacers

CB: Kings


NB: Nets

CB: Suns



NB: Thunder

CB: Bucks



NB: Pistons

CB: Lakers


That’ll do it for today’s Rundown! Come back tomorrow for recaps of tonight’s games.



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