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NFL Power Rankings: Philadelphia Eagles soar up standings

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The NFL season will be heading into Week 4 this Thursday and Inscriber wanted to share our NFL Power Rankings Week 4 with you. Rankings are not easy to do, it takes a lot of consideration and guts. But, only three weeks into the year and we’ve seen a few surprises so far. Who would have thought that the Ravens and Eagles would both be undefeated. Who knew that Bill Belichick was hiding so many gifted QB’s under that hoodie?

If the first three weeks are any indication, you can expect to see plenty of changes with the Rankings over the course of the season. Here are the NFL Power Rankings for Week 4


32. Chicago Bears (0-3): The Bears are the worst team in the NFL no matter how you swing. John Fox has said that there is no guarantee the QB, Jay Cutler will get his job back when he returns from injury. The Lamar Jackson watch has begun.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3): The Jags have shocked the entire world with their play as many picked them to be a playoff contender. Losses to the Packers, Chargers and Ravens are unacceptable with such lofty expectations entering the year and the money they spent in contracts.

30. New Orleans Saints (0-3): Close losses, but they were to non-playoff teams. Drew Bress has the offensive weapons at his disposal, just too bad they can’t play both sides of the ball.

29. San Francisco 49ers (1-2): The 49ers are surrounded by too much uncertainty. Blain Gabbert is not the answer. When is Chip Kelly going to start being Chip Kelly and make some splashes? Time to insert Kaepernick into the offense.

28. Cleveland Browns (1-2): The Browns are playing teams close but without a real QB they will continue to falter down the stretch. They have the heart to play in the league.Just, right now they are short on talent and bodies.

27. Detroit Lions (1-2): That first week it looked as if the Lions were about to make some noise but then they fell back down to earth. Stafford is still tossing the ball anywhere he wants as he turns Marvin Jones into the next Megatron. Too bad all the yards doesn’t equate to wins.

26. San Diego Chargers (1-2): The Chargers are the Chicago Cubs of the NFL. They can’t catch a break to save their lives. The moment something seems to go right, boom they get hit with bad news. Philip Rivers does not look comfortable on the field at times .Can you blame him?

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-2): The Bucs are another team that is an enigma. The offense has done okay but with RB, Doug Martin out there will be added pressure on Jameis Winston to do more than he should. The defense is the real issue. In three games they have given up 101 points.

24. Cincinnati Bengals (1-2): This may be the year where it all come crashing down on Marvin Lewis if he cannot turn this team around by mid-season. The Bengals are a resilient bunch but they have been embarrassed so far this season.

23. Indianapolis Colts (1-2): The Colts are underachievers, plain and simple. They supposedly have one of the best QB’s in the NFL but yet they continue to struggle. If the Chargers had a full roster they could very well be 0-3.

22. Washington Redskins (1-2): The Redskins must learn to play defense. What was the point of spending the money if you get the same results you got last year? The ground game is horrible and the receivers can’t get open for Cousins to get them the ball.

21. Los Angeles Rams (2-1): The Rams may be the worst 2 win team in the NFL but they do have two wins to boot. The QB play is just as shaky as Jeff Fisher’s job security. The defense needs to make serious adjustments and when will we see the payoff for Austin’s $10M deal?

20. New York Jets (1-2): The Jets should be ashamed of themselves. There is no Brady in the division but yet they still find themselves behind the Patriots. Fitz got paid but the offense has stalled at important times. The defense looks lost and if they are not careful they could fall further behind.

19. Tennessee Titans (1-2): The Titans have a young core and have been involved in close games that veteran teams would have found a way to pull out. Give them time.

18. Buffalo Bills (1-2): Maybe one day LeSean McCoy will find what made him a great player while he was with the Eagles. Rex Ryan may be out of his job soon and his brother should never have one.

17. Atlanta Falcons (2-1): The Falcons have done their job so far, minus the loss to the Bucs. Their wins have come against non-playoff teams but a win is a win.

16. Arizona Cardinals (1-2): What’s wrong with the Cards? For a team that has run thru the NFC the last two years they sure seem to have slowed up a bit. The defense has been okay but the offense with an array of talent has struggled.

15. Houston Texans (2-1): The Texans cannot find the end zone. Thru three games they have scored only 42 points which puts more pressure on the defense. When will Brock Osweiler earn his money?

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14. Miami Dolphins (1-2): The Dolphins are having trouble on both sides of the ball. While it’s easy to blame Ryan Tannehill, someone needs to point the finger at the defense for putting the offense in so many shootouts.

13. Carolina Panthers (1-2): The Panthers have lost two games to two playoff teams. The defense has played well but the offense is not the same scoring machine that they were last year.

12. New York Giants (2-1): The Giants had a slip last week but if they can’t figure what to do with their ground game, things could get ugly fast.

11. Oakland Raiders (2-1): The Raiders are right where they are supposed to be. The defense could play a little better but other than that the offense has looked good.

10. Green Bay Packers (2-1): The Packers are on thin ice. If Aaron Rodgers struggles the Pack does not have another option to fall back on. The ground game has been average at best and the defense must learn to wrap players up better.

9. Seattle Seahawks (2-1): The Seahawks are in danger. Injuries are beginning to take their toll on the team and if they can’t get healthy in time they may find themselves chasing the Rams for the division.

8. Dallas Cowboys (2-1): The Cowboys are the team no one is talking about. There is no Romo but the young rookies have made this team one of the most feared in the league.

7. Kansas City Chiefs (2-1): The Chiefs received great news this week. RB Jamaal Charles should be able to go against the Steelers. If Alex Smith can find throwing lanes, the defense will continue to handle the rest.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1): The Steelers are another team that continues to walk a fine line. They got away with a bad call against the Bengals, then got demolished against the Eagles.

5. Baltimore Ravens (3-0): The Ravens may be the surprise team of the year so far, right along with the Eagles. Flacco is doing his best to manage the game and the defense has been much improved from last season.

4. Denver Broncos (3-0): The Broncos are still defensive but their young QB has finally seemed to have a handle on the offense. If they can mesh their games together on the same day the Broncos will be unbeatable.

3. New England Patriots (3-0): The Patriots have a college system going on in the NFL. The next man up mantra is a way of life for Belichick. How does a team win in the NFL with a 3rd string?

2. Minnesota Vikings (3-0): The Vikings are the feel good team of the NFL. They’ve caught bad breaks, even before the season kicked off. Despite all they have lost they still managed to beat their rival, Green bay, and Carolina.

Drum Roll, Please……

1. Philadelphia Eagles (3-0): Last week there would’ve been snickers but after what they did to the Steelers the doubters are silent now. The Eagles have the best offense and defense in the league with a +65 point differential. How is that not the best team in football?



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