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NFL Rumors: 2017 NFL Draft to be held in Philadelphia

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It appears the NFL has decided where the 2017 NFL Draft will be held. In an interview with Philly.com, US congressman Bob Bradley told the website that Philadelphia will host the 2017 NFL Draft and it would be held in a “stage and temporary arena on the Ben Franklin Parkway with seating for about 3,000 spectators.”

The City of Philadelphia has not confirmed the Eagles will indeed host yet, however Mayor Kenney called Bradley on the phone on Thursday to say the NFL told the mayor the city will host according to Bradley’s interview with Philly.com

If the City of Brotherly Love does end up being the NFL Draft’s host, it would be another big event the city has brought to town. This Summer the city has the DNC in town after last fall saw the pope come to the city and have mass on the Ben Franklin Parkway.

Historically, the NFL Draft was held in New York City until the NFL was open to moving it around the nation. Last year’s NFL Draft was held in Chicago and it appears the draft is on the move for 2017. By moving the draft around the nation like other sports do, various fan bases have a chance to attend it more easily depending on the location. In his case, Eagles fans made the trek to New York City each and every year to cheer (or heckle) their team’s decision.

Ironically, the Eagles traded away their first round draft pick for the 2017 NFL Draft when they traded up for Carson Wentz in the 2016 NFL Draft. Depending how their season goes this year, the team could trade back up into the first round.

For now it appears that Philadelphia will be the 2017 NFL Draft hosts, but there has not been any confirmation from the league nor the city have officially confirmed the Philly.com interview with Bradley as of Wednesday night.

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