Von Miller and the Denver Broncos are a partnership made in heaven. Or so it may seem. Rumors are hitting the airwaves that Super Bowl 50 MVP and the Denver Broncos are closing in on a long-term deal. The 2 parties are making heavy waves on a record breaking contract. Initial reports are 6 years, $114 million with at least $70 million in guarantees. The final, minor details are expected to be worked out and the deal finalized before tomorrow’s 4pm EST deadline.

This is huge for the Denver Broncos #1 ranked defense. Getting the gas that runs the engine locked up for, what could be, the duration of his career is a big move by John Elway. There was never a doubt that this would get done. It was just a matter of when. It seems that Friday will be the when.

Deadlines breed hustle. There certainly was a hustle over the past couple of days and even the past couple of hours to get this deal done. Von Miller had stated, as recent as Tuesday, that he would not sign the franchise tender and would only be playing 2016 under a long-term deal. It certainly looks like Miller will be playing in 2016 and beyond.

John Elway has the Denver Broncos set for the future. He has a young QB, solid pieces on offense and has now locked up his face of the franchise for 6 more years. This is why the Broncos will remain perrenial contenders in the AFC West for years to come.