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NFL Rumors: Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens not close to long-term deal

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Tension has been growing between the Baltimore Ravens and kicker Justin Tucker, as contract negotiations come to a bitter place.

Adam Schefter reported that Tucker has been frustrated since no deal has been made. The franchise tag worth $4.5 mill was placed on the kicker, but he wishes to work out a long-term deal instead. Obviously the Ravens are struggling to work out this deal and have until 4pm Friday to work something out or else.

Here’s what Tuckers’ Agent Rob Roche reportedly told ESPN:

“If we don’t get a long-term deal done by Friday, Justin will not entertain offers from Ravens after the season,”

Both sides are almost out of time, can a deal be made?

Tucker, who has made 88% of his field goals is the 2nd most accurate kicker in NFL history. It’s well understood why he wants the biggest contract and whether he gets it, isn’t even a question…

It’s whether the Ravens give it to him or not. His agent could be bluffing, but if no deal is made and 2017 rolls around, he might just take a better offer from another team. Some team out there needs a clutch kicker and they will pay the man. Hopefully the Ravens figure this out.

If no deal is made, then Tucker will get the $4.5 mill from his franchise tag and on we go to the inevitable future, of a Tucker-less Baltimore. At least you would think.

My gut tells me that a deal will be made by Friday. The team has been good to him and he has been good to them. He wants to be a Raven, he’s said it before. Of course he wants to have his cake and eat it too. Pay the man! A kicker like him doesn’t come around often in the NFL these days.




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